Sep 24, 2023

‘Gatekeeper’ Rep. Griffin thwarts groundwater bills

Rural Arizonans are growing increasingly frustrated with Rep. Gail Griffin’s inaction on groundwater regulation.  

Sep 23, 2023

Water cuts force Pinal County farmers to scale back

Farmers in Pinal County left swathes of land unplanted following Colorado River water cuts. Now yielding fewer crops, they’re forced to find alternative ways to survive, as agriculture faces  a bleaker future. 

water, Colorado River, Gilbert, Arizona Water Banking Authority
Sep 15, 2023

State considers using effluent water credits

The Arizona Water Banking Authority is exploring the possibility of buying purified wastewater to distribute later – which would be unprecedented. 

groundwater, Griffin, House, legislation, groundwater management area, rural management areas
Sep 7, 2023

Prescott Valley takes water reform into its own hands

The town of Prescott Valley adopted a policy that is not strictly legal: requiring all types of housing developments to provide proof their projects will have water. 

Rio Verde, Scottsdale, water, Senate, Hobbs, House
Sep 6, 2023

Scottsdale and Rio Verde both approve water agreement 

More than 700 residences in the Rio Verde Foothills area that have been seeking a water supply since January will finally soon see government action after Scottsdale City Council approved an agreement that brings water to the area Tuesday.  

Biden, Grand Canyon National Park, national monument, Hopi, Baaj Nwaavjo I'tah Kukveni
Aug 28, 2023

Grand Canyon officials warn E. coli has been found in water near Phantom Ranch

Grand Canyon National Park officials warned that E. coli bacteria was detected Friday in the water supply close to Phantom Ranch, the only lodging at the bottom of the canyon.

Hobbs, Wadsack, Senate, governor, ESAs, vouchers
Aug 28, 2023

Wadsack, Hobbs disagree over meeting tied to vouchers

A member of the legislative Freedom Caucus is boasting that she's getting a meeting with Gov. Katie Hobbs, a meeting she said will let her explain to the governor the virtues of making vouchers of taxpayer dollars available to all parents so their children can attend private and parochial schools.

Petersen, Senate, session wrap, legislature, Republicans, Toma, housing, ESA
Aug 26, 2023

Q&A with Senate President Warren Petersen 

Senate President Warren Petersen, R-Gilbert, reflected on the 2023 legislative session.

legislature, Shope, Sundareshan, Senate, House, Hobbs, Democrats, legislation, bills, Republicans
Aug 25, 2023

Longest session didn’t yield much – lawmakers eye 2024 

Arizona lawmakers wrapped up the longest session in state history last month, but little changed by way of new legislation.  

Hobbs, governor, legislative session, Democrats, Republicans
Aug 25, 2023

Q&A with Governor Katie Hobbs 

In her first legislative session as governor, Katie Hobbs had to navigate a sharply divided Legislature, at times working closely with Republican leadership while also facing attempts by GOP lawmakers to thwart her agenda. 

wastewater, Colorado River Basin, recycled water, Arizona, Colorado, California
Aug 24, 2023

Water-short cities want to use every last drop – even if it used to be sewage

In the Western U.S., there’s more demand for water than there is supply, so cities with finite water supplies are finding creative new ways to stretch out the water they already have. For some, that means cleaning up sewage and putting it right back in the pipes that flow to homes and businesses.

water, Bruce Lee, drought, Kyl Center, Stanton
Aug 7, 2023

As water regulations shift – again – advocates, officials work to cope

As regulators and advocates grapple with the fallout of a Supreme Court ruling that narrowed the Clean Water Act, water lawyer Rhett Larson offers a calming bit of advice: Be like Bruce Lee.