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The Breakdown: The end



PRODUCER’S NOTE: The lineup for today’s show changed as of Monday morning. This episode focuses on the aftermath of David Stringer’s resignation. 

After nearly a year of resisting calls for his resignation, David Stringer has left the House of Representatives. Who will take his place?

The House is likely to continue moving at a snail’s pace until Stringer’s replacement joins the chamber, but the Senate is hard at work. We’ll check in on what the more level-headed chamber has been up to.

And one county prosecutor has been targeting medical marijuana patients using extracts – until recently anyway.

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Music in this episode included “Creative Minds” and “Energy” by Bensound.

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  1. It is beyond comprehension that Stringer would STILL sound his clarion note of woe that he was ‘railroaded’ into giving up his Post. This says much about Arizona Politics and Politicians. There is NO Moral Compass, or acknowledging that they represent, or, at least the idea, of speaking for Constituents. They are not installed to front for dicey Commander-in-Chief at his most opaque moments, nor are they sitting to represent dicey churches, bible humpers, Special Interests, well Connected (Cathi Herod), and run this State as a Feudal, Middle Ages Fiefdom.

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