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Glassman down in Maricopa County Assessor race

Rodney Glassman

Rodney Glassman

Perennial candidate Rodney Glassman is likely to extend his election losing streak, this time to Eddie Cook, the appointed Maricopa County Assessor. Glassman has 47% of the vote with Cook holding 53%.

Glassman previously applied for the appointment to the county assessor position after Paul Petersen, the embattled lawyer, resigned following an illegal adoption scheme involving the Marshall Islands. Petersen has since pleaded guilty to several felonies and faces prison time.

Glassman lost out to Cook, a former Gilbert Town Councilman, for the appointment in February. Before that Glassman wanted the appointment for the County Attorney job that went to Republican Allister Adel and before that he lost in his bid for the Arizona Corporation Commission in 2018. 

Glassman’s interest in a political office has become sort of a running joke at the Capitol of what he will run for next.

Kirk Adams, Gov. Doug Ducey’s former chief of staff, took a shot at Glassman on 12 News about all the seats he seeks.

“I think Rodney Glassman will make a great corporation commissioner. I mean county assessor. I mean county attorney. I mean U.S. senator,” he said. 

Despite his loss, Glassman raised and spent an unusual amount of money for a seat that typically does not gain much attention in a given election year. But Petersen put the race on the radar of voters. 

Days before the election, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Clint Hickman penned an op-ed in the Arizona Republic criticizing Glassman for not knowing basic functions of the Assessor’s Office. 

“[Glassman] shows not only a basic misunderstanding of the job for which he is running, but also the role of the board of supervisors,” Hickman wrote. He concluded the piece saying Glassman’s “lack of knowledge” shows he and fellow supervisors were right to appoint Adel and Cook to their respective positions over Glassman.

If Cook holds his lead, he will face Democrat Aaron Connor in a county that’s increasingly turning more blue with each election


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