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Ducey: Arizona must push back against Biden vaccine mandate

Gov. Doug Ducey( AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool, File)

Gov. Doug Ducey( AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool, File)

President Joe Biden is overreaching with his new requirement for employees of large businesses to be vaccinated or regularly tested for Covid, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said Thursday.

The Republican governor said Arizona will fight back but repeatedly declined to say on how the state would respond.

“This requires pushback and response, and that’s what the state of Arizona is going to do,” Ducey told reporters after speaking at the opening of a sportsbook in downtown Phoenix. “There’s more to follow on what that’s going to be.”

Ducey has encouraged people to get vaccinated. But he has worked aggressively to block mandates of all kinds, including for vaccines and face coverings, drawing intense criticism from some public health and school officials.

He signed a law prohibiting schools from requiring masks, which doesn’t take effect until later this month, and he said schools that require masks are not eligible for one pot of federal coronavirus relief funds that he controls.

Biden on Thursday ordered sweeping new federal vaccine requirements for as many as 100 million Americans in an all-out effort to increase Covid vaccinations and curb the surging delta variant. The rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly. Workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid funding also will have to be fully vaccinated, as will federal employees and contractors.

Ducey said the rule will lead people to quit their jobs, leaving businesses and schools in a lurch.

“We need more people to get vaccinated,” Ducey said. “This is not the way to get it done.”

Arizona on Thursday reported nearly 2,500 additional confirmed Covid cases as virus-related hospitalizations remained over 2,000 for the 10th straight day.

The additional 2,480 confirmed cases and 62 deaths reported Thursday increased the pandemic totals to 1,039,492 cases and 19,141 deaths, according to the state’s coronavirus dashboard.

The dashboard also reported that 2,071 virus patients occupied hospital beds as of Wednesday. The state’s virus-related hospitalizations peaked at 5,082 on Jan. 11 during the winter surge.

Citing staff shortages, hospitals have said they are stressed by the recent influx of virus cases and that it’s difficult to treat all patients needing treatment for other medical reasons.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, the state’s seven-day rolling averages of daily new cases rose over the past two weeks from 2,626 on Aug. 24 to 2,907 on Tuesday.

The average of daily deaths rose from 19.1 to 32.3 during the same period.

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  1. Concerned Veteran Arnold Miller Cabral

    People and Veterans who read this can you please email your Senators or Representative asked them to contact the Veterans Affairs Committee passed a new Disabled Veterans Law for Disabled Veterans who is lOO percent service connected need to get to have a Dentist knows how to put in G4implants for free because they don’t have one works for a Veteran Medical Centers Dentistry or don’t have a contact with Veterans Affairs Administration and if Disabled Veterans who is lOO percent service connected don’t get the G4implants it definitely cause really bad Swallowing Problems plus really bad Gum Disease also really bad Swallowing Problems plus really bad Gum Disease also it really bad Hearts Problems plus if a Disabled Veterans who is lOO percent service connected has a Mental Illness it definitely cause really bad Anxiety Attacks and really bad Stress Disorders.

  2. So rich from Mr. Doug Ice Cream Ducey! Mr. Pro Business and Pro economy doing all he can to stifle companies from having a workforce that is healthy and capable of working and an economy that can bounce back stronger from the pandemic. What an idiot! To ensure both can happen, he pushes ex. orders to ensure the pandemic will thrive and make our recovery worse.
    If health care workers are leaving or burned out – blame who? Not the POTUS. Blame the UNVACCINATED! Blame GOP stupid policies that Prohibit mask wearing and certain industries, like health care workers and teachers that should be mandated to be vaccinated! Students should be masked at school!
    If companies can’t get their employees to do the right thing, than jack up their health care insurance costs. Mandate they get tested weekly! Make them mask up in the office.
    Hospitals should stop taking in the UNVACCINATED in ER and ICU beds. Time to re-think how we stop the virus. Ducey or any GOP who refuses to follow the science and puts politics over saving lives should never hold any office again.

  3. Vaccinated here.

    Am also sick with COVID. Whole house is sick.

    And also considering a move to Arizona, because “my body my choice” shouldn’t be according to what someone ELSE wants.

  4. Thanks Doug….please fight it for all of us working class folks who have no need and no desire to have the government dictate what goes into our bodies. On top of that, the definition of vaccine is “to provide immunity”. The shots being doled out do not fit the definition as the amount of fully vaccinated people with Covid exist in large numbers and those people are spreading the disease through the false narrative that they have immunity…which they don’t. The fact is, the vaccinations are waning and any promise they once showed is faltering with time and new variants. I’m not going to be mandated a booster every 6 months for the rest of my life over a virus with a 99.3% survival rate that has very effective treatment options. The biggest problem with this is that people over 65 need these vaccinations. (80% of all deaths) Sick people on disability need these vaccinations. (a large % of the rest of the deaths) This power grab does nothing to vaccinate those in need which means it is complete fing BS. And to people like Audrey, calling people names, disrespecting others choices is pure evil…you can get vaccinated. You can wear any mask you want. We all take risks when we get out of bed and we all deal with those risks in our own way. I don’t need you or anyone else mandating how I deal with my risks.

  5. Mandates are reaching too far and Ducey should do everything in his power to stop them from being enacted. The people that believe government should force people to do anything related to their health is obnoxious. And people like Audrey above who wants to not admit the unvaccinated to hospitals should not even be allowed to have a voice. Let me take a wild guess and bet that a lot of these people saying **** like that are not a healthy weight. So should we not admit overweight people because they choose, some of them do, to not be healthy? See the logic Audrey, you are not using any of it. Ducey is doing the right thing. And the so called science did not stop anything related to COVID. Masks are a joke, especially on an airplane where the air is safer than a hospital. And how about the mandate for US citizens to be tested before returning home but illegals flock across the border untested and infected?

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