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Aug 1, 2023

Lake Pleasant’s deadly toll: stay alert, know the law and save lives!

The haunting trend of drowning accidents at Lake Pleasant has taken a distressing turn, with eight tragic deaths already recorded in 2023. Shockingly, five of these fatalities occurred after Memorial Day, indicating a spike over six weeks. Maricopa County Supervisor Thomas Galvin voiced his alarm earlier this summer expressing deep concern about the number of rising, fatal boating accidents transp[...]

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Dec 9, 2022

Page wary of crisis on the Colorado River

As the once-mighty Colorado shrinks in the hands of a changing climate, communities that rely on it are starting to feel the pinch. Many large cities in the Southwest are well-positioned to weather the growing crisis, but some smaller ones have a perilous front row seat as the diminished river threatens to cut off their water supply completely. Page is one of them. 

Jul 23, 2009

Court upholds Grand Canyon’s river management plan

FLAGSTAFF - An appeals court on Tuesday (July 22) rejected a challenge by environmentalists to change federal rules allowing the use of motorized rafts at the Grand Canyon.