artists, Mesa, government, censorship
Sep 8, 2023

Artists want complete control over their public exhibitions but governments say it’s not that simple

If things had gone as originally planned, Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum would be launching its fall exhibition Friday. But officials postponed the show six weeks before the opening over concern that a painting by activist-artist Shepard Fairey could be seen as "disparaging toward some City of Mesa employees."

dispatchers, PTSD, 911, Hernandez
Aug 23, 2023

New law extends counseling for those helping people in crisis

The way Melody Hernandez sees it, the trauma incurred by those taking emergency calls from people in crisis and dispatching help is no less than what occurs for her as a paramedic.

rental tax, Hobbs, legislation
Aug 1, 2023

Hobbs signs legislation to eliminate right of cities, towns to set local rental tax

Arizona renters are going to get some small relief in their bills. But not just yet.

drought, Colorado River,
Jul 19, 2023

Feds choose new water and science deputy to focus on drought resilience

The U.S. Interior Department has tapped an official with the federal government's water management bureau to serve as a deputy assistant secretary for water and science.

Colorado River, Lake Mead, Arizona, water cuts, drought
Jun 26, 2023

Climate adaptation in Arizona will require more than just federal funding, luck

The federal government just reached a historic deal with California, Arizona, and Nevada to provide cities, irrigation districts, and tribal governments with around $1.2 billion to temporarily use less water from the Colorado River. In Arizona, these solutions will require unpopular political decisions – and there isn’t much time to enact them.

light rail, sales tax, transportation, Hobbs
Jun 2, 2023

Hobbs negotiating with GOP lawmakers to try to ask voters to extend transportation tax

Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs is directly negotiating with Republican lawmakers who control the Arizona Legislature to try to craft a deal to ask Maricopa County voters to extend a half-cent sales tax that for nearly 40 years has paid for new freeways, bus routes and light rail transportation projects.

Hobbs, veto, pronouns, transgender students
May 22, 2023

Hobbs vetoes controversial student pronouns bill, other legislation

Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed a bill that would have barred teachers from referring to students by their preferred pronoun or name, calling it just another piece of "harmful legislation directed at transgender youth.'' And the governor said similar measures will meet the same fate.

light rail, transportation, recess, budget, housing, Hobbs, House, Senate, Tempe
May 18, 2023

Lawmakers take long break – key bills await action

The pressure is off state lawmakers after Gov. Katie Hobbs signed a $17.8 billion budget package and negotiations on critical housing and transportation issues will continue during a near month-long recess of the Legislature.

affordable housing, homelessness, Mesa, Giles, zoning, inflation
Apr 28, 2023

City and state leaders can tackle affordable housing crisis together

In recent years, I’ve been quoted as saying, homelessness is not AN issue, it is THE issue. I encourage our legislators to partner with local community leaders to turn this around before it’s too late. 

food tax, Senate
Mar 22, 2023

Measure to eliminate cities’ ability to tax food heads to Hobbs 

A Republican proposal to cut sales tax imposed on groceries by some cities passed its final hurdle in the Arizona Legislature, but it may meet a veto stamp on the ninth floor.  

Phoenix City Council, rent, affordable housing, Ansari, Kate Gallego, Mayes, Brnovich
Mar 7, 2023

Phoenix City Council bans ‘source of income’ discrimination for renters, home buyers

The Phoenix City Council has given overwhelming approval to a measure that would prevent landlords and property owners from discriminating against renters or buyers who rely on public assistance for income.

Tucson, home rule, lawmakers, Senate, Republicans, Wadsack, Mendez, Sundareshan
Feb 24, 2023

Lawmakers push to strip 19 cities of home rule rights

Arizona lawmakers are moving to strip 19 cities of their right to home rule simply to help get Republicans elected to the Tucson City Council.