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Apr 24, 2023

Biden labor nominee Julie Su is every business owner’s nightmare

The Senate needs to confirm a Secretary of Labor that gives us that stability, not Julie Su.

small businesses, franchisors, franchisees, House bill
Mar 24, 2023

Put small business interests ahead of billionaires

Franchisees play a critical role in Arizona's economy, and it is important to protect their interests. That is why HB2404, which seeks to provide franchisees with greater protections against abuses by franchisors, is so important.

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Mar 20, 2023

HB 2404 fundamentally misunderstands franchise business model

HB 2404, currently being considered in the state Legislature, would have far-reaching and harmful ramifications for franchisors, franchisees, workers and the Arizona economy.

franchisor, franchisee, House Commerce Committee, Travers
Feb 16, 2023

Bill regulating franchise contracts gets tentative OK

A Democratic-sponsored bill regulating franchisors’ ability to terminate contracts with a franchisee passed a House committee with bipartisan support, but Republicans say the bill needs improvement before it’s ready for the floor.  

Mar 21, 2022

Franchises continue to drive economic growth in Arizona

Franchising has provided the means for untold numbers of Arizonans to support themselves and their families. During this period of economic uncertainty, Arizona’s congressional delegation should be lowering – not building – barriers to franchising and similar opportunity.