fund sweep

Aug 28, 2015

Past elections a bad omen for First Things First sweep

An early childhood development program is back in the Legislature’s crosshairs, five years after lawmakers and former Gov. Jan Brewer tried and failed to convince voters to abolish the program and use its funding to balance the state’s precarious budget.

Jan 16, 2015

Ducey budget would shift money out of veterans’ fund

Gov. Doug Ducey wants to take more than $900,000 in funds specifically donated by taxpayers to help post 9/11 veterans to instead operate new cemeteries for veterans near Marana and Flagstaff and keep the doors open at an existing one in Sierra Vista.

Mar 27, 2014

Brewer may be deciding factor on highway fund restoration

Tax revenues have risen as the state’s economy improved, leading to renewed hopes that 2014 will be the year Arizona stops sweeping highway funds that cities and counties depend on.

Nov 5, 2013

Small cadre of attorneys share spotlight where law and politics collide

Bush v. Gore is the ultimate example of politics and law intersecting and it shows how lawyers can affect an election in a dramatic way. But in Arizona, every election cycle brings its own set of controversies to be settled in the courtroom.

Apr 18, 2012

Legislature reconsiders sweep of court automation fund

Legislative budget staffers are re-evaluating a proposed $10 million sweep of a Supreme Court fund after court officials howled that losing the money would cripple courts across Arizona. The legislative budget proposal targets the Supreme Court Automation Fund, which is supplied by fees for defensive-driving classes, time payment fees for people who make payments on their court fines, and surch[...]

Jul 24, 2009

Hands off tobacco money – Supreme Court: Legislature can’t sweep First Things First

The Arizona Supreme Court has decided unanimously that state lawmakers overstepped their authority when they swept millions of dollars of interest held in the Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Fund. The dispute came down to the fine print of a ballot measure passed by voters in 2006 that created an 80-cents-per-pack tax on cigarettes […]

Jun 3, 2009

Supreme Court to hear challenge of First Things First fund sweep

The Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge of a legislative fund sweep that targeted money generated by a tobacco tax and intended to pay for children's health care. But in the same stroke on June 1, justices declined to address a dispute of a fund sweep protested by a state labor commission.

May 18, 2009

Farmers to judge: Fund sweeps violate state, federal constitutions

Attorneys for farmers and the state of Arizona argued in front of a Maricopa County Superior Court judge on May 18 over the legality of the Legislature's 2008 fund sweep of money meant to advance agriculture interests.

May 13, 2009

Farmers vs. state fund sweeps on May 18

A conglomerate of Arizona farmers will get their day in court May 18 as a Maricopa County Superior Court judge will hear arguments on the legality of the Legislature's 2008 fund sweep of money meant to advance agriculture interests.