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homeless, lawsuit, Tucson
Sep 22, 2023

Republican leaders file brief aimed at protecting lawmakers’ ability to clear homeless encampments

Republican legislative leaders are spending $15,000 to file a legal brief designed to protect the ability of state lawmakers to enact laws to clear homeless encampments and cite those who are living on the street.

ESA, Empowerment Scholarship Account, Arizona Department of Education, Save Our Schools Arizona, Horne, Beth Lewis
Sep 7, 2023

ESA program added almost 50,000 students in the past year, state reports

The state added nearly 12,000 students to the Empowerment Scholarship Account program in the last quarter, bringing total enrollment to 61,689 at the end of June and renewing debates about the costs and benefits of the program.

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Aug 16, 2023

Evicted: How our American Dream became an Arizona nightmare

For my wife and me, this isn’t about the money. It’s about principle. We want our home back. More than anything, we want Arizona to stop allowing this abuse of power under which so many are being taken advantage of.  

diversity equity inclusion, public universities, applicants
Aug 11, 2023

Public universities ending diversity, inclusion statements

Arizona’s public universities are discontinuing diversity, equity and inclusion statements in job applications for faculty and staff.  

Jun 22, 2023

Judge dismisses groups’ challenge to Prop. 211

A Superior Court judge dismissed the legal challenge to the Voters’ Right to Know Act, or Proposition 211, on June 22, and deemed the ballot measure requiring further donor disclosures for campaign media spending to be constitutional on both the state and federal level.  

diversity, equity, inclusion, Arizona,
Apr 18, 2023

GOP states targeting diversity, equity efforts in higher ed

Republican lawmakers in at least a dozen states have proposed more than 30 bills this year targeting diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in higher education, an Associated Press analysis found using the bill-tracking software Plural.

affordable housing, Goldwater Institute, zoning
Apr 10, 2023

To solve AZ’s affordable housing crisis, start by getting government out of way

Arizona is facing a housing affordability crisis—and the blame lies largely on the shoulders of local elected officials.

zoning, Kaiser, Senate
Mar 13, 2023

Senate kills expansive zoning deregulation plan 

The Senate killed a bill with some bipartisan opposition– and a hint of bipartisan support– on Monday that would have drastically cut down on zoning restrictions statewide in the sponsor’s hopes of increasing Arizona’s affordable housing supply. 

ESA, Board of Education, handbooks, Accurso
Mar 3, 2023

Anti-ESA governor is living endorsement of school choice

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs is, in spite of herself, perhaps the greatest living billboard for education savings accounts (ESAs) in the nation.

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Feb 15, 2023

Group urges judge to block attempts to stop ‘dark money’ law

The group that convinced voters last year to outlaw "dark money'' is asking a judge to block a bid by two special interest groups to keep the law from taking effect. In new legal filings, attorney Chanele Reyes told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Scott McCoy there is nothing unconstitutional about ensuring that voters know who is trying to influence elections.

Super Bowl, Clean Zone, Phoenix, judge, First Amendment, downtown Phoenix, temporary signage, revenue, NCAA, basketball, football, NFL, Hobbs, Legislature
Feb 2, 2023

Judge: ‘Clean Zone’ ordinance violates First Amendment

A judge agreed the city of Phoenix’s Super Bowl “Clean Zone” ordinance violated the First Amendment and was an unconstitutional delegation of government power.  

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Feb 2, 2023

Republicans move to make it more challenging for citizens to make own laws

Republican legislators are moving to throw another roadblock in the path of people to make their own laws.