Lake Mead

Sep 22, 2023

Process starts for new era managing Colorado River

Stakeholders sharing the Colorado River have started sending their water policy wish lists to the Bureau of Reclamation as they negotiate new river use guidelines. 

Aug 15, 2023

Western states won’t lose as much Colorado River water in 2024

Federal officials said Tuesday they will ease water cuts for Western states reliant on the Colorado River next year thanks to a slightly improved outlook, but long-term challenges remain. 

Colorado River, Lake Mead, Arizona, water cuts, drought
Jun 16, 2023

Feds announce start of public process to reshape key rules on Colorado River water use by 2027

A public process started Thursday to reshape the way Colorado River water is distributed, with federal officials promising to collect comments about updating and enacting rules in 2027 to continue providing hydropower, drinking water and irrigation to farms, cities and tribes in seven Western U.S. states and Mexico.

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Jun 12, 2023

Vegas water agency empowered to limit home water flows in future

Nevada has taken a dramatic, but not immediate, step toward limiting the amount of Colorado River water used in the most populous part of the nation's most arid state, after lawmakers gave Las Vegas-area water managers the levers to limit flows to single-family homes.

water cutbacks, Arizona
May 25, 2023

Arizona gets hit hardest in Colorado River plan

More than half of the 3 million acre-feet in water cuts announced as part of a multi-state conservation deal will come from Arizona, state officials said on May 25.

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May 22, 2023

Arizona, California, Nevada reach agreement on Colorado River water conservation 

Arizona, California and Nevada reached an agreement to cut their use of Colorado River water in exchange for massive federal payments. 

Colorado River, drought, water cutbacks, Arizona, tribes, farmers
Apr 14, 2023

What might cuts to dwindling Colorado River mean for states?

The Biden administration floated two ideas this week to reduce water usage from the dwindling Colorado River, which supplies 40 million people.

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Apr 13, 2023

As states continue to bicker, feds say Colorado River cuts are coming

Cuts to water use along the Colorado River could be spread evenly across some Southwestern states or follow the more than century-old priority system that currently governs water management.

Colorado River, drought, Biden administration, Arizona, California
Apr 11, 2023

In Colorado River talks, still no agreement about water cuts

The Biden administration released an environmental analysis Tuesday of competing plans for how seven Western states and tribes reliant on the dwindling water supply from the Colorado River should cut their use but declined to publicly take a side on the best option.

Gila River Indian Community, Sinema, Stephen Roe Lewis, water rights, agreement
Apr 7, 2023

Feds to pay $233 million for Gila River water conservation, infrastructure

The federal government will pay the Gila River Indian Community to leave some of its share of Colorado River water in Lake Mead, as well as funding infrastructure projects to increase wastewater reuse in irrigation.

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Mar 20, 2023

Water related deaths reported in Arizona days after storms

Days after storms dropped heavy rain on many parts of Arizona, authorities still are dealing with water-related deaths with more weather on the way.

water, Arizona, California
Mar 19, 2023

California to store more rainwater as it vies with Arizona for Colorado River flow

After watching billions of gallons of rainwater wash away into the Pacific, California is taking advantage of extreme weather with a new approach: Let it settle back into the earth for use another day.