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Bibles, Stahl-Hamilton, ethics violation
Jun 9, 2023

Ethics panel rules Stahl-Hamilton engaged in disorderly behavior by hiding Bibles 

A House ethics panel determined that a Democratic representative who hid Capitol Bibles engaged in disorderly behavior.  

Bibles, Stahl-Hamilton, House, ethics, members lounge
May 26, 2023

Ethics panel reviews complaint in Bible brouhaha

A House Ethics Committee reviewed evidence of a Democratic representative accused of stealing Capitol Bibles and engaging in disorderly behavior.

Bibles, Stahl Hamilton, House, members' lounge
May 4, 2023

Christian Nationalists are controlling my country 

For far too long Christian Nationalists have held the public square captive and pushed their hate-filled narrative. The latest is the demonization of state Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton from Tucson, who is also a Christian minister.

Bibles, Stahl Hamilton, House, members' lounge
Apr 28, 2023

Democrat caught hiding Bibles in House, apologizes

A Democratic lawmaker apologized to her colleagues on the House floor Wednesday for removing and hiding Bibles in the members’ lounge, calling the act a protest of a lack of separation of church and state.