Mexico a�� United States border

May 8, 2012

New Border Patrol strategy targets repeat crossers

With border crossings at a 40-year low, the U.S. Border Patrol announced a new strategy Tuesday that targets repeat crossers and tries to find out why they keeping coming.

Feb 16, 2012

Bill aims to secure line of succession to governor

A state Senate committee has approved a bill requiring one state elected official to remain in a secure location for big events like inaugurations and the state of the state address.

Feb 13, 2012

Arizona Legislature could fund militia for border

The Republican-led Arizona Legislature is considering a bill to fund an armed, volunteer state militia to respond to emergencies and patrol the U.S.-Mexico border.

Jan 25, 2012

Brewer, Obama have tense moment at airport

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she meant no disrespect when she pointed a finger at President Barack Obama during an intense discussion on an airport tarmac. But the Republican governor says the Democratic president showed disrespect for her by abruptly ending their conversation.

Jan 17, 2012

Border Patrol to toughen policy

The U.S. Border Patrol is moving to halt a revolving-door policy of sending migrants back to Mexico without any punishment.

Dec 13, 2011

State border security committee to get update on border fence

A special committee of the Arizona Legislature devoted to examining border security will meet Dec. 20 to get an update on a project to build additional fences near the state's border with Mexico through donations.

Oct 18, 2011

Cain apologizes for comments on border fence

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain apologized again Monday for remarks about building an electric fence on the Mexico border that could kill people trying to cross illegally, but he indicated the controversial proposal was still on the table.

Oct 17, 2011

Michele Bachmann to meet with Arizona border fence backers

Minnesota U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann on Monday takes her campaign for the Republican nomination for president to Phoenix.

Sep 19, 2011

Brewer to attend border meeting in Mexico

A year after canceling a scheduled meeting in Arizona because of a boycott, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer plans to attend this year's meeting in Mexico of governors of U.S. and Mexican border states.

Aug 16, 2011

US official: Illegal crossings drop in busy sector

A top U.S. border official says the only area with more than 100,000 annual apprehensions of illegal immigrants crossing from Mexico will soon be under that figure because the flow of immigrants is declining.

Jul 27, 2011

Border fence gets $100,000 in donations

A fundraising website launched by the state of Arizona to build more fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border brought in more than $100,000 in donations in its first week of operation.

Jul 7, 2011

Border plan puts emphasis on drug prevention

The government's updated security plan for the U.S.-Mexico border keeps its focus on trying to stop drug and gun smuggling but contains an added emphasis on preventing and treating drug use in communities along the border.