Navajo Tribal Utility Authority

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Mar 17, 2023

Feds want justices to end Navajo fight for Colorado River water

States that rely on water from the over-tapped Colorado River want the U.S. Supreme Court to block a lawsuit from the Navajo Nation that could upend how water is shared in the Western U.S.

Navajo Nation, Peterson Zah
Mar 13, 2023

Ex-Navajo president honored in funeral procession, reception

Remembered as an inspirational, humble leader with a passion for education and commitment to his people, former Navajo Nation President Peterson Zah was honored Saturday with a funeral procession that stretched for 100 miles (160 kilometers) from western New Mexico into eastern Arizona.

Jul 8, 2015

Navajo utility fined for violating Clean Water Act

A Navajo Nation utility has been fined $25,000 for discharging more pollutants into a waterway than its permit allowed.