open elections/open government

Jan 22, 2013

Failed top-two primary measure had most support among independent voters

Had voters passed the Open Elections/Open Government measure, proponents argued that the result would have been less-radical ideologues being elected and a looser grip by political parties on elected offices.

Nov 6, 2012

Voters overwhelmingly reject Prop. 121, ‘top-two’ primary initiative

Arizonans decided that 2012 would not be their last election cycle with a partisan primary. Proposition 121 failed by a whopping two-to-one margin. With more than 50 percent of precincts reporting, the initiative was down 67 percent to 33 percent

Aug 24, 2012

Open Government Committee sues to put top-two initiative on ballot

Supporters of a proposed initiative to create a “top-two” primary elections system allege that Maricopa County election officials improperly invalidated hundreds of petition signatures and are going to court in a bid to get the Open Elections/Open Government Act on the November ballot.