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Why Arizona Deserves a Choice (access required)

How would you feel if your elected officials did your subscription shopping for you, deciding who will provide your mobile phone service, which streaming networks you can watch, what newspapers you can read or where you can have a gym ...

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Religion has everything to do with abortion

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Four anti-abortion bills have been introduced into the state legislature including a Texas copycat bill (HR2001, HR2483, SB1044, SB1164). The issue is not whether a state has the constitutional authority to protect “unborn life” but whether women, who have been ...

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Keep ADEQ, but make it better (access required)

Last fall, the Arizona Auditor General’s Office confirmed what many of us knew, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is not doing its job, especially when it comes to water quality. Sadly, the performance audit demonstrates that it is even ...

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Tobacco industry up to its old tricks again (access required)

Over time, various polls have shown that the public is usually far ahead of the political establishment in seeing through the tobacco industry’s smokescreen of advancing their own interests while seeming to promote a “public health” measure. It’s gratifying to see that we now have legislators of both parties who can see these tobacco industry efforts for what they are: an attempt to secure their future at the expense of public health.

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