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Jun 26, 2023

Climate adaptation in Arizona will require more than just federal funding, luck

The federal government just reached a historic deal with California, Arizona, and Nevada to provide cities, irrigation districts, and tribal governments with around $1.2 billion to temporarily use less water from the Colorado River. In Arizona, these solutions will require unpopular political decisions – and there isn’t much time to enact them.

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Jan 3, 2023

Water reductions for new year may be just the beginning, experts say

Experts say few Arizona residents will notice any immediate change to the availability of water in their daily lives now that steep cuts are in effect on the amount of water the state can draw from the Colorado River. But that does not mean they can relax.

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Feb 23, 2022

Empowering tribes can help address drought

Amelia Flores, chairwoman of the Colorado River Indian Tribes, recently wrote: “The Colorado River Indian Tribes have been the stewards of the river since long before the dams were built, and the settlers entered the basin.”  The group of four tribes located primarily in western Arizona has significant rights to Colorado River water. But as […]

Jan 27, 2016

Bill would make agencies prove their regulations are necessary

State lawmakers are moving to effectively stand state regulation of businesses on their head, requiring government agencies to prove their rules and restrictions are necessary.

Jun 8, 2015

Arizona water outlook not as dire as neighboring California

Gripped by a prolonged drought, Arizona faces possible cuts to its main water supply in the next 18 months. Residents, however, face none of the restrictions that neighboring California has imposed this year.

Feb 19, 2015

Bill seeks to crack down on fake service animals by allowing restaurants to ban all service animals

Republican Rep. Bob Thorpe of Flagstaff wants to ensure that the fluffy dog sitting next to you in a restaurant is really a service animal, and not just someone’s pet.

Tom Horne
Sep 3, 2014

AZ abortion pill restrictions appealed to US Supreme Court

Attorney General Tom Horne is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that Arizona lawmakers can legally restrict the right of women to a medication abortion if they have “justification” to do so and other options remain.

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Dec 10, 2013

Federal, state laws at odds on lobbyist political contributions

To curtail the inappropriate influence of money in politics, Arizona law prohibits lobbyists from contributing to lawmakers’ campaign committees while the Legislature is in session.

Jul 10, 2013

2 national forests in Arizona reduce restrictions

FLAGSTAFF ai??i?? Two northern Arizona forests are decreasing fire restrictions due to a reduced risk of major wildfires.

Mar 12, 2013

House approves photo radar restrictions

Speedy drivers and red light runners cruising down state highways wouldn’t have to watch out for those white photo radar boxes and flashes of light anymore if a bill approved by the House on Monday becomes law.

Nov 16, 2012

EPA puts new emission limits on Ariz. power plants

FLAGSTAFF ai??i?? The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has imposed new pollution limits on three coal-fired Arizona power plants, aiming to protect the environment and air quality for wilderness areas and landmarks such as the Grand Canyon.

May 16, 2011

AEA eying possible lawsuit over paycheck deduction bill

The state's largest teachers union is mulling a lawsuit against a new state law it says unfairly restricts the way it can use union dues to communicate with members about political issues.