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We’ve waited long enough for rural broadband

Despite nearly $2 trillion in private investment from internet service providers over the past 25 years, too many rural communities still lack access. In short, building in rural areas is costly and takes time. That is why we need to prioritize utilizing limited federal dollars to target unconnected communities with all available technologies.

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Leaders are ignoring rural Arizona, horse racing industry

Sadly, here in Arizona our governor has taken a different approach, ignoring the needs of horse racing and the multitude of rural, locally owned businesses that support the industry. There has been no meeting, no conversation, no discussion about how the state can help us modernize the industry as we can compete with other states.

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Broadband is our lifeline in rural communities

For those of us who live in Arizona’s rural communities it is a struggle to get a fraction of the bandwidth. It is not just frustration, it is one of the most significant factors impacting quality of life in rural communities. The lack of broadband is one of the leading factors that stymie economic development and for most of us, it goes beyond that.

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