Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, workers, union, Phoenix City Council, Ortiz
Sep 15, 2023

Phoenix Sky Harbor workers file complaint, vote to strike over dangerous working conditions and low wages

Two groups of airport workers are speaking out about what they say are dangerous working conditions and low wages at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Wall Street, financial industry, Arizona, Schweikert, Lehman Brothers crash
Sep 12, 2023

15 years later: reflecting on the Lehman Brothers crash of 2008

As we move forward, it's imperative for leaders in Congress to remain committed to crafting responsible legislation. Such legislation should not stifle the financial sector but should ensure it operates with responsibility and integrity.

jobs, unemployment, Census Bureau, workers, Arizona
Sep 5, 2023

Jobless rate is down, wages up, but not all is worth celebrating

Arizona’s unemployment is at the lowest rate in decades, there are more jobs than workers available to fill them and salaries are inching up, all of which should be good indicators for workers. Experts say – it depends.

Contreras, House, legislative session
Aug 28, 2023

Q&A with House Minority Leader Lupe Contreras

House Minority Leader Lupe Contreras talked about the biggest accomplishments, as well as challenges in the 2023 legislative session.

Hobbs, TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor, workplace safety
Aug 4, 2023

Hobbs announces new worker safety partnership with TSMC 

Gov. Katie Hobbs visited the site of Taiwan Semiconductor’s new facility in north Phoenix to announce a new worker safety partnership for construction workers following reports of accidents and alleged safety violations at the site.  

jobs, unemployment rate, Office of Economic Opportunity, Kaiser, Cook
Jun 15, 2023

Arizona’s unemployment rate at historic lows, jobless benefits won’t be cut

The state's unemployment rate remains at historic lows. But those Arizonans who do find themselves out of work through no fault of their own won't see their benefits cut, at least not this year.

unemployment benefits, Arizona Supreme Court, jobless, Ducey, Covid pandemic
May 3, 2023

Nearly 100K Arizonans who got federal jobless benefits cut off early won’t get lost funds

About 100,000 Arizonans who got their extra federal unemployment benefits cut off early during the Covid pandemic by then-Gov. Doug Ducey because he instead wanted to get them to go to work at restaurants and hotels are not going to get the funds they lost.

franchises, Julie Su, Biden, Secretary of Labor, FAST Act, California, Arizona, small businesses
Apr 24, 2023

Biden labor nominee Julie Su is every business owner’s nightmare

The Senate needs to confirm a Secretary of Labor that gives us that stability, not Julie Su.

franchises, The Joint Chiropractic, chiropractors, House, legislation, franchises, franchisees, small businesses
Mar 20, 2023

HB 2404 fundamentally misunderstands franchise business model

HB 2404, currently being considered in the state Legislature, would have far-reaching and harmful ramifications for franchisors, franchisees, workers and the Arizona economy.

Apr 9, 2021

PRO Act will strip employees of privacy rights, possibly their Job

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, which was recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, strives to strengthen union leverage and labor density. However, it does so at the expense of Arizona’s businesses, workers and economy. If signed into law, the PRO Act would harm Arizona’s economy, limit opportunities for individuals to […]

Nov 12, 2015

Priming the workforce pipeline: The importance of career & technical education

As a strong school system and an educated workforce continue to be hot topics, jobs are being left on the table as companies continue to struggle to identify a qualified workforce.

Dec 16, 2014

Pima County delays no-smokers hiring policy vote

The Pima County Board of Supervisors has delayed a vote to implement a ban on hiring smokers.