Indian Health Services, Medicaid, private insurance, Supreme Court
Nov 22, 2023

Supreme Court agrees to hear San Carlos Apache appeal on health care funding

The Supreme Court said this week it will consider a claim by the San Carlos Apache tribe that the federal government is shortchanging it on funds it needs to operate tribal health services.

Grand Canyon National Park, Biden, national monument, Hobbs, Stanton, Grijalva, Sinema
Nov 6, 2023

Top GOP legislative lawmakers prepare to fight Biden administration, trying to help Utah

Preparing for their own fight with the Biden administration over a new national monument in Arizona, the top legislative Republicans now are attempting to help the state of Utah in its own battle against two other monuments.

dentists, oral health, Delta Dental of Arizona, holistic wellness
Oct 27, 2023

Oral health can provide path to better health and wellness

Arizonans are becoming more aware of the vital link between oral health and overall well-being. This understanding about holistic wellness is influencing at-home oral health care and increasing routine, preventive visits to dentists.

Colorado River, Lake Powell, drought, Bureau of Reclamation, Utah, Arizona
Oct 24, 2023

‘Scoping’ results show new Colorado River rules will face a range of demands

A new federal government report shows Colorado River states are aiming to agree on a plan to cut back on water but remain divided about how to share the shrinking supply among tens of millions across the Southwest.

water, Imperial Valley, Arizona, Colorado River, California, drought
Aug 3, 2023

Getting Colorado River water from California farms will take more than just money

The Imperial Valley produces $2.9 billion in crops and livestock each year. That’s because the valley’s Imperial Irrigation District holds the largest single allocation of Colorado River water – bigger than any other farming district or city between Wyoming and Mexico. But now, that water allocation is under increasing scrutiny from water managers looking to cut back on water use and correct[...]

Lake Powell, cliff diver, deaths, West
Jul 24, 2023

Mountain climber, cliff diver die in separate incidents at national recreation spots

A mountain climber and a cliff diver have died in separate incidents at national recreation spots in the West, officials said.

Colorado River, Lake Mead, Arizona, water cuts, drought
Jun 16, 2023

Feds announce start of public process to reshape key rules on Colorado River water use by 2027

A public process started Thursday to reshape the way Colorado River water is distributed, with federal officials promising to collect comments about updating and enacting rules in 2027 to continue providing hydropower, drinking water and irrigation to farms, cities and tribes in seven Western U.S. states and Mexico.

cottage food industry, Hobbs, tamales, Senate, House, legislation, commercial kitchens, home-based businesses
Jun 14, 2023

Health records vindicate Arizona tamale vendors

Home cooking scares Arizona health officials, but real-world evidence should put them at ease. A new investigation finds no confirmed illnesses related to homemade meals or snacks sold in the seven states with the broadest laws.

farmers, Colorado River, Yuma, drought, cauliflower
May 19, 2023

How one Yuma farmer sees Arizona’s water future

The agricultural industry in Arizona is reliant on water flowing from the Colorado River. And as the Biden administration and federal agencies rush to remedy a looming water crisis in the Southwest, farmers in the state are concerned that directives from authorities could have an outsized effect on an integral part of the economy. 

snow melt, Colorado, Colorado River, drought
May 15, 2023

Where did the snow go? Researchers probe gap between snowfall, runoff

The Colorado River watershed stretches from Wyoming to Mexico, supplying cities like Phoenix and Los Angeles and sprawling fields that contribute to a multibillion-dollar farm economy. After two decades of drought and steady demand, accurate data on the amount of water entering the region’s dwindling supply is crucial for those who manage it.

water, Bureau of Reclamation, drought, Arizona, California, Colorado River
Apr 21, 2023

Feds apply pressure for water deal

The federal government is prodding Colorado River basin states, particularly Arizona and California, to come to a deal for shared cuts in water use.

Colorado River, drought, water cutbacks, Arizona, tribes, farmers
Apr 14, 2023

What might cuts to dwindling Colorado River mean for states?

The Biden administration floated two ideas this week to reduce water usage from the dwindling Colorado River, which supplies 40 million people.