Yuma Territorial Prison

Jun 19, 2015

Three-Fingered Jack

This is Jack Laustenneau, presumably photographed in 1903 when he became the 2,029th prisoner to pass through the sally port of the Territorial Prison at Yuma.

Aug 6, 2012

Navajo County Sheriff Joseph F. Woods

Etched into a piece of glass at the Navajo County Historical Society in Holbrook is the name Joseph F. Woods, sheriff, an artifact from his tenure as Navajo County sheriff.

Feb 28, 2012

Buckey O’Neill and the A&P Train Robbery

Buckey O’Neill had been a newspaper reporter with the Tombstone Epitaph when the OK Corral shootout occurred in 1881. The following year he moved to Prescott and worked as a court reporter and founded his own newspaper, Hoof and Horn, serving the livestock industry. He became captain of a local unit of the Arizona militia in 1886 and was elected Yavapai County sheriff in 1888.