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News Notes: Budget deal close

Insiders told our reporter today that a budget deal with Brewer is “very close.” The source would not discuss details of any potential compromises, but said that another three-party session is planned for today to see if the governor accepted legislative Republican’s last counter-offer of the last outstanding issue. Meanwhile, the House voted today to suspend the part of Rule 8C that one member may not prime sponsor more than seven bills after the fourth day of session. Observers say this is in preparation for a number of budget trailer bills.

There’s more on this story and five others in the June 25 Legislative Report. News Notes are based on items published in the Arizona Legislative Report – our hard-copy service that provides daily coverage of the Legislature. For more information about the Arizona Legislative Report, contact Arizona Capitol Reports at (602) 258-7026 or staff@azcapitolreports.com

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House Speaker Kirk Adams said Governor Brewer “absolutely” broke the budget deal she had agreed to by vetoing the trailer bills. He said the deal was that he and Senate President Bob Burns would do everything possible to round up the 31 and 16 needed for the tax referral, but that she was responsible for filling in the gaps if the votes couldn’t all be wrangled by leadership.