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Fewer lawmakers may be present for special session

Fewer lawmakers are likely to be present for the special session July 20.

About a third of senators and representatives planned to attend the National Conference of State Legislatures summit in Philadelphia City this week, according to the Senate and the House.

They included senators Carolyn Allen, Meg Burton Cahill, Ken Cheuvront, Pamela Gorman, Albert Hale, Linda Lopez, Richard Miranda, Russell Pearce and Steve Pierce.

The House members included Cecil Ash, Nancy Barto, Judy Burges, Rich Crandall, Adam Driggs, Russ Jones, John Kavanagh, Jerry Weiers, Chad Campbell, Cloves Campbell, Christopher Deschene, Steve Farley, Patricia Fleming, Matt Heinz, David Lujan, Daniel Patterson, Kyrsten Sinema and Anna Tovar.

Several legislators also attended the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting in Atlanta, Georgia last week.

Gov. Jan Brewer had called a special session after she vetoed most of the July 1 budget bills. Brewer is insisting that lawmakers also approve her proposal for a 1-cent sales tax hike.

A bipartisan group of legislative leaders have been meeting to hammer out a final budget deal.

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