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Calling all leaders (access required)

While checking Facebook recently, I stumbled across two quotes that really struck me and seemed poignant to share as we enter the nomination process for the third annual Arizona Capitol Times Leaders of the Year in Public Policy awards. "The only safe ship in a storm is leadership," by Faye Wattleton, the youngest and first African-American ...

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  1. There is a huge court case being brought up on Aug. 6th. by one of the mining companies to reduce their tax rate. This involves so much money you can hardly imagine the consequences. They lost this case over 15 years ago, but keep bringing it up, and now it finally is going to court again. The tax rate they were given at the time was well researched and reasonable, but someone at the top has gotten really greedy. Have someone look into it. It is a huge sleeper. The department of revenue is so strapped for cash, they can’t hire a creditable expert witness, and the mining company will be spending big bucks on one (or more). The consequences for the state in revenue and the counties involved will be HUGE.

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