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Calling all leaders (access required)

While checking Facebook recently, I stumbled across two quotes that really struck me and seemed poignant to share as we enter the nomination process for the third annual Arizona Capitol Times Leaders of the Year in Public Policy awards. “The ...

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Debugging the office (access required)

Ewwww ... like gross. Here's what really goes on while we're hanging out at the shop after hours. Actually this was very funny - you really had to be there.

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Working Saturday – but we love it (access required)

Looks like it's off to work for the Capitol folks tomorrow. What do you do when the boss comes in and says you've got to work Saturday? For us, it's not a matter of the boss coming in - it was just a matter of if the Legislature is working, then so are we.

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Teeing up the topic of state government (access required)

For their annual meeting, Arizona Town Hall officials asked me to answer the question “Is state government responsive to Arizona’s needs?” Considering my position as the leader of a non-partisan news organization, I thought it better to offer five topics that ...

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