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For want of a vote, will a budget be lost?

The debate in Capitol hallways and offices today (Aug. 17) revolves around what will happen with the budget bills that have been approved by both chambers, having not secured the needed votes in the Senate for the tax referral. “We’ve tried it every which way. The votes just aren’t there and they never will be,” said one Republican source involved in the wrangling for votes. Quipped one GOP legislator to our reporter: “The only way the Senate gets the votes on the tax referral is if people start resigning or are assassinated. That’s it.”

Republican leaders met this morning to discuss whether the bills already approved should be sent to Gov. Jan Brewer, sans ballot referral. There have been rumblings from the Ninth Floor that the budget would face the same fate as the one passed on July 1, but nothing concrete in this regard has come from Brewer or her emissaries. One staff source said GOP leaders were continuing to meet with the governor in an attempt to work out some deal that has her not vetoing the bills, though it is unclear what the Legislature could offer her in return, absent the tax referral.

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