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Driggs’ fundraiser out of this world

Rep. Adam Driggs is planning a fundraiser (his first ever since the two-termer has run publically financed both times) for Oct. 23 with a national hero as the guest of honor: Buzz Aldrin. “I’m hoping it will bring out a little more than the normal people who turn up for political fundraisers,” Driggs told our reporter.

So, how did a low-key Arizona state legislator land a high-profile guest like Aldrin? Simple. “He’s my uncle,” Driggs said. “His wife is my dad’s sister… It’s always been interesting to have an Uncle Buzz. My kids love it. They think that Buzz Lightyear is their uncle.”

The lawmaker has several photos of Aldrin in his legislative office, but doesn’t tell visitors he is related to the famed astronaut. “People must think I’m just a patriotic space nut,” Driggs said. The event will help fund his exploratory committee. Driggs hasn’t identified which office he is exploring for, but said he’s strongly considering running for the Senate to replace Barbara Leff, who is termed. “There’s a real possibility that I’ll be running for Barbara’s seat. I’m waiting to see where the support is, and I’ll make my decision after that,” he said. Several months ago, there were rumors that Deb Gullett was looking to jump back into the political fray, but the former representative hasn’t formally created a committee.

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