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Thomas tells captains he will resign in May?

Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas reportedly met with his bureau chiefs this morning (Jan. 27) and informed them he will resign as county attorney in May in order to run for attorney general, according to a YS source proclaiming knowledge of the meeting.

Thomas, as the story goes, believes the board of supervisors will appoint former county attorney Rick Romley to replace him when he resigns to run for AG. County attorney spokesman Barnett Lotstein said the rumor of Thomas pledging to resign is unfounded, especially since the meetings with division (and not bureau) chiefs are held every Wednesday and Thomas did not attend today’s meeting. “That’s not accurate as far as I know. And I think I would know,” said Lotstein.

Thomas, of course, has until May 26 to file his nominating signatures to qualify for an AG run. That leaves the “news” of Thomas resigning in May in the questionable worth category, unless of course, anyone believes he’ll leave the GOP nomination to Horne. But, the rumor of the pending resignation coincides with McGregor’s dismissal of Thomas’ court appeal to have special prosecutors appointed to run down Stapley and Wilcox. The former chief justice-turned-special master ruled she didn’t have jurisdiction to appoint the prosecutors over the objections of the Board of Supervisors. McGregor noted both the state and board agree the court can appoint special prosecutors in “extraordinary circumstances,” but she noted the county filed the motion with McGregor, and not the superior court.

Lotstein said the county attorney’s office will refile the motion with the court. “We filed it with her because we were looking for the fast track,” he said. “This is going to take a little bit longer.”

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