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CSI: District 10 – Quelland asks for forensics

Rep. Doug Quelland’s attorney Tim Casey is asking a superior court judge to hold a full-blown trial by jury to consider the “death penalty” handed down by the Citizens Clean Elections Commission to the District 10 rep. The sentence, which included more than $40,000 in civil fines and was backed almost entirely by ALJ Thomas Shedden in November, should be thrown out, argues Casey, in filings submitted to Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Crane McClennen on Friday.

Casey urged the judge to determine just how District 10 Dem Carol Vandercook got her hands on the March 2007 contract for political services Quelland entered with consultant Larry Davis, whose testimony and provided documents were vital to the CCEC case against Quelland. Casey argues the contract was leaked by Davis when the consultant grew bitter because Quelland ended the deal within days of its signing. (To date, a clear answer to the leaking of the document hasn’t been established. Davis has told YS he didn’t turn it over, while Vandercook has said the document was widely circulated among the district’s Democrats. Jackie Thrasher has denied all involvement or prior knowledge of the contract).

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