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Brewer gives Martin a makeover

Team Brewer is hitting Dean Martin where it hurts – his persona as the fiscally conservative foil to the free-spending Janet Napolitano.

Martin set the stage for his gubernatorial run by portraying himself as both Napolitano’s nemesis who warned the Ninth Floor of the imminent economic crisis, only to be dismissed as “Chicken Little” by the former governor. But in a video posted on her campaign Web site, Brewer paints Martin as an ally of Napolitano’s during her budget battles. It notes that Martin voted for three of four Napolitano budgets during his time in the Senate and that he sponsored 15 Napolitano budget bills, the result of which was a $3.7 billion increase in spending.

“Dean Martin claims that he saw this financial trouble coming,” the video says. “He should have. His big spending created the problem.”

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  1. YES yes Dean is the force behind big spending http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHV4omxP0WQ

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