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Capitol crime-suppression operation nets 27 arrests

A crime-suppression sweep by Arizona Capitol Police March 6 resulted in 24 misdemeanor arrests, two felony arrests and 11 violations for drinking in public.

Acting Capitol Police Chief Andrew Staubitz said the effort, called Operation Safe Streets, is part of his department’s continued effort to surprise and apprehend individuals committing criminal acts around the Capitol.

“We want to make criminals feel very uncomfortable at the Capitol, and we want to make the regular customers and visitors feel welcome,” he said.

Fourteen Capitol police officers participated in the program, which is targeted toward individuals who may be wandering through the Capitol Mall on a weekend looking for crimes of opportunity. The operation, which ran from noon until 8 p.m., was not an added expense because officers adjusted their normal work schedules to participate.

The operation, which occurs twice a year and is not announced, helps the department make the Capitol area less inviting to would-be criminals.

“It’s a useful tool and it keeps people who don’t belong at the Capitol guessing,” Staubitz said.

Suspects arrested were placed in county jail.

Operation Safe Streets stats:

54 Persons contacted
24 Misdemeanor arrests
19 Citations written
11 Drinking in public violations
8 Warrants cleared
4 Trespassing violations
2 Felony arrests
2 Suspended license violations
2 Traffic violations
2 Vehicles towed
1 Drug arrest

– Source: State Capitol Police Department

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