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Brewer bucks federal gun laws, asserts state rights (access required)

According to two bills signed by Gov. Brewer, Arizonans will no longer have to worry about federal regulations or about registering their firearms as long as it was manufactured in Arizona, and no city or municipality can make any laws that would differ from those of Arizona.


  1. Who and where are guns manufactured in Arizona?

  2. “…Arizonans will no longer have to worry about federal regulations or about registering their firearms…” Funny, as a long-time gun owner I wasn’t worried at all about federal regulations. I am, however, worried about state legislatures and governors who are nothing more than shills bought and paid for by the NRA. No one elected Brewer to be Governor and no one elected the NRA or Grover Norquist, yet the outsiders seem to be making many of the laws for Arizona.
    Why do we need a governor or legislature when we have the Goldwater Institute(think golden shower, trickle-down economics), the NRA and Grover to run things?

  3. No, Richard, we won’t think about your reference to a perverse sexual fetish. This debate is about firearms. By the way: what about the bill to allow concealed weapons without a permit?

  4. this state is getting weirder and weirder every day…

    First they cut funding for education, then cut state employees, then state parks, then health insurance for the poor, then they allow gun owners free reign.

    They want to live in a poor, violent, stupid lawless state.

  5. I applaud Gov Brewer AND the NRA! Hopefully this will
    send a message to the out of control idiots in DC. The Feds have no business creating a list of all legal guns in our state.

  6. Ken,
    You can get a Macmillian, makers of the 50 cal that holds the worlds longest (disclosed) kill, from the west side of Phoenix.

    Wow, 1.5″ bore That would likely have some kick to it….

  7. Lancaster Arms in Goodyear is another place that makes rifles. There are places all over the state that do.

  8. I think it’s time for me to roam the streets in front of the State Capital brandishing legal weaponry as I run to and fro. Maybe do the same in front of any local NRA complex in the state. Hey, it’s my constitutional right!

  9. You liberals need to go to D.c. where you are welcome. You think the criminals would have their guns registered? Wake up you fools.

  10. Arizona has many firearms manufacturers, from large to small individual shops. POF is a very high quality military weapon maker here in Az. who makes excellent battle rifles. This is a significant statement because of the one thing the article does not mention. The TAXES. This is a TAX REVOLT. Licensed manufacturers of firearms and ammunition are made to pay a tax on every gun and every round of ammo they make. Look out for incresed BATFE activity to try and frame someone into looking like a “Dangerous Radical Extremist with an Arsenal” so they can justify a crackdown in Arizona.

  11. Ken, I guess you never heard of Ruger Firearms or Prescott, Arizona. I think I’ll retire in Arizona.

  12. To the fashist freeks that pose and americand… (liberals) Freedon and liberty are precious and worthy os sacrifice.
    1.Dismantling the second amendment turns citizens into subjects and increases crime. (Statistically proven). They use civilizations as a tool for personal power and financial gain. Just look at what they have done to the minorities.
    2.LIBS use political correctness to destroy the first amendment as they cannot seem to win a debate on the facts. This from those who say I am inferior for not attending college. The left “for being so enlightened” are about the most inbred ignorant people in the United States. They scream “Freedom of speech” until they get offended. What offends them? Predominantly anything that encompasses common sense or simply the TRUTH!!! These people defile the constitution and the majority of what our founders intended.

  13. BTW We give the schools (run by LOONY LEFT idiots) the smartest and brightest 5 year olds and the schools give us back the most ignorant mental midgets out of high school. Why the HELL should we continue supporting that… We homeschooled and our kids have AA college degrees when most kids are on their second abortion and can not figure their *** from a hole in the ground… The tragedy of the whole dam thing is we are loosing an incredible generation of bright minds to a system that tells the youth WHAT TO THINK…. NOT HOW TO THINK. You leftists are worse that child molesters… SCREW YOU and when SHTF you will be awake but you will have to look in the mirror to place the blame.

  14. I’m moving to Arizona. A new manufacturer of ammunition just started up in Payson Arizona called HPR ammo http://www.hprammo.com

  15. With all the armed drug runners from Mexico coming in and threatening law enforcement if they interfere with their commerce, I think it’s a helluva good idea for citizens to arm themselves. It is pathetic that Arizona citizens are discouraged from going out in the wilderness because of these pukes. The Feds answer to this comes in the form of “warning labels”, in Arizonas case, signs erected warning of a defiant criminal element not of this Country, who is ready and willing to take the life of anyone for the sake of their commerce. This is of course, the solution of the milk toast cowards in Washington. Just put a warning label on it.
    If any U.S. citizen is killed or injured as a result of this free commerce, it is my sincere hope that any and everyone involved with ignoring this problem will find their just desserts. Governor Brewer, what are you waiting for? Obama is not going to help to any satisfaction, as he needs votes, and those most certainly are more important. Go do it yourself. This Nation has politically corrected itself into oblivion.

  16. Today more states are considering legislation that will allow us to choose to conceal and carry guns without having to get a permit. I travel to other states a lot, so I’m glad Arizona still will let me get a permit because concealed carry reciprocity laws require I have a one.

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