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Everyone wants to weigh in on Arizona’s new immigration law (access required)

Every time a major piece of legislation is signed or a controversial bill advances, I get bombarded with press releases from notable people and organizations that want to weigh in. Today, as expected, my inbox was flooded with reaction to the new immigration law, S1070.


  1. Out-of-staters can boycott; Arizonans can strike.


    Legal citizens who jumped through hoops are welcome–but illegal immigrants will not get any Amnesty–leading to citizenship.
    Arizona Govern Jan Brewer has more–SPINE–than the majority of our politicians, to fight the overpowering onslaught of illegal immigration. She signed the 1070 immigration bill. Arizona a border state is rampant with murders, home invasion, kidnappings, rapes, assaults and one of the highest crime rates, by illegal immigrants. Its ignorance and indifference of Washington, not to enforce our immigration laws? In fact they have purposely underfunded them.

    San. Harry Reid (D-NV) is not being ousted just for health care reform, but being a puppet of open border-special interests groups? LETS MAKE THAT CLEAR. One thing for absolutely sure, desperate illegal alien families will be fleeing Arizona, for more greener pastures such as California. Seeing California is a Refuge state for illegal foreigners and already has the largest illegal population in Unites States other than New York. Now starving for billions of dollars, California will have to amend their own enforcement laws to stop the massive migration or pay a heavy price in extorting more money from taxpayers. Then there is always Utah, Texas, New Mexico or even farther states such as Washington. ONE THINGS FOR SURE, THAT THEY MAY PASS SOME FORMULATION OF IMMIGRATION REFORM. BUT AMERICA WILL FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL THAT NO “PATH–TO–CITIZENSHIP” FOR THOSE WHO CAME HERE ILLEGALLY. I am personally a tea partier a moderate Conservative and definitely not a Democrat and Republicans.-and illegal immigration is the no.1 priority to me, and must be stopped for good.

    Californian’s are under financial hardship owing to the welfare programs that caters to illegal alien families, and with an outpouring of Arizona’s illegals the Sacramento budget will triple in handouts. Californian’s, specifically Angelino’s and San Francisco. There should be no excuse why FEDERAL SOLDIERS SHOULD BE NOT DEPLOYED TO THE 2000 MILE BORDER. They need to police the border, with the under-manned border patrol and even poorly funded law enforcement agencies. Sheriffs and deputies that are in a very dangerous area are basically armed, against heinous felons, drug cartels, skin traffickers, smugglers and the flow of unceasing indigent illegal immigrants. LET ME REITERATE, THAT IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT IS ONLY SEEN TO WORK. BUT THE TRUTH IS ITS NOT ENFORCED–THAT RIGHT NOW HOMELAND SECURITY HAS CUT BUDGETS FOR IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT. If you are–NOT–an open border extremist, join the organization that is fighting for our rights, your language, freedoms and liberty at NumbersUSA.

    Personally as a Tea party member I will forward Emails to others in the growing party, to vacation in the great courageous state of Arizona.

  3. Here’s an idea. Just get rid of most of the incentives for coming over here. Slowly eliminate government funded welfare for citizens while completely eradicating it for illegals. That includes the anchor baby loophole, subsidized health care, social security, all that. Of course, streamlining immigration policies would go a long way.

    Hey, this is supposed to be the Land of the Free. Right? Not the Land of the Freeloaders. Heck, go ahead and keep my SSI if there’s anything left when I get to that age. I have my own retirement fund that’ll pay way more then that government funded ponzi scheme. Seriously, this entitlement system is turning Americans into moochers and bums. Heaven forbid charity is given through the kindness of a fellow countryman, rather then the force of thugs who’ll kick down your door so you pay their extortion… I mean taxes. It’s a joke that people think government is charitable when it has to take money from someone else to give to another, especially when large portions of those funds are fraudulently abused, or worse.

    Google: Medicare Fraud Epidemic

    To put it another way, the total unfunded indebtedness of Social Security and Medicare alone comes to $106.4 trillion. Enjoy the bursting of the dollar bubble. It’s going to be a wild ride!

  4. All this hysteria! If you are a legal citizen of any race have your documents on you. Ask what are the guidelines the police are being trained to enforce? Do this before you get your knickers in a twist. Read the bill. It’s on PDF. If you are not violating the laws of Arizona and the United States you have nothing to fear.

  5. I,m proud of Mr, Brewer for signing the bill SB1070
    i, hope the rest of 50 states do the same, enough is enough with all those illegals, let’s get then the heck of of here, is time to take our country back,

  6. This law is contrary to human rights. Of course I find it unfair and racist because promotes hate and criminalization of people only because its origins, race ,etc. And another problem is to mix and not separate the immigration issue (groups of persons seeking a better job, life or both )with the violence in the border.

    This is not the way to resolve mutual problems, because we should not forget that the so called “organized crime” are for sure in both countries: the americans fuel the mexicans with demand, dollars and guns. And that is the key problem.
    A boicot for products made in Arizona and the inmediately prohibition to travelers coming from this state in my land must be considered as protest to this polemical law. Good evening.

  7. GO AZ, GO OTHER STATES, We need the law here in CA, our lives are heavily affected by illegals, for example to send kids to school we have to spend tons of money to avoid public schools filled with illegals or kids of. Why do we even pay taxes? Time for America to remove the freeloaders.

  8. The fact that Mexicans are the majority of LEGAL immigrants coming into this country voids the claims of racism. In Arizona, it is estimated 460,000 of ILLEGAL immigrants live there plus the countless that come through there to get to other parts of the U.S. Bogus allegations of PROBABLE racial profiling are just that…Bogus! Tax payers in Arizona and in the United States should not have to pay for those from other countries to come here and take our money..via funding of healthcare, education, and other social services funded by the government. No Americans can take a vacation out of this country without a passport..and you wouldn’t leave your hotel without it while in a foriegn country. Seems to apply only to us Americans..and not to illegals..especially those of Hispanic descent.

  9. @patricia perez
    Patricia, there is nothing contrary to “human rights” in the newly signed bill to law and neither does the issue equate to any race. If one is here illegally as the term states that individual is breaking the law… this is a simple concept. 1070 is simple as well, enforce federal immigration law. I think most “Americans” will take exception to your claim that this country is to blame for Mexico’s problems, a country with a rich history of political corruption and an inability to deal with its rampant poverty, despite the number of industries transplanted in Mexico from all over the world.

    I know of no one who objects to legal immigration and feel free to protest and “boycott” to your hearts content.

  10. The most telling comment listed above was posted by the most troublesome of the open border groups, “(Brewer) joins a long line of other Arizona politicians who are trying to ensure their own political survival at the expense of the people they claim to represent and serve. This is a watershed moment for the President and Congress. Will they continue to abdicate their responsibility and allow other states to follow suit or will they show leadership and respond to the state of emergency that our communities face by enacting comprehensive immigration reform?” – Janet Murguía, president and CEO of National Council of La Raza.”

    The Governor works at the behest of Arizona’s “legal” citizens or residents contrary to Ms. Murguia’s claim. Any state of emergency here in Arizona is the result of instigating against federal and state law by aberrant non-representative factions and organizations including La Raza.

  11. @PM Connors
    Let me add and call out as well one other leftist political front group in the editorial, the Arizona Interfaith Network. I believe it doubtful this group has anything to do with faith of any kind.

  12. Hey — Thanks Arizona for sticking up for the law when the fed. government abandoned it’s responsibility to protect the national borders and our citizens! The US government is the one that should be taking the blame-and-shame for it’s negligence!

    All Americans welcome immigrants who come legally; but illegals need to be dealt with by the feds. but latter has encouraged breaking of immigration laws by not enforcing them. Sue the US government for the costs Arizona has incurred on many levels trying to cope with this fed. governments incompetence, negligence, ineptitude and outright refusal to do it’s sworn duty.

  13. It is clear that this country needs national identity cards, similar to those used in Germany in the 1930’s to clarify citizens’ race, gender, age, religious preference and national origin when they cross the state border into Arizona.
    The State and local police can then begin to discriminate on a much wider scale than Arizonians have committed to and in this way truly violate personal rights to privacy on a fairer playing field.

    I have instructed the staff at the school where I teach to stop purchasing agricultural products that can be identified as having originated in Arizona. This is a modest virtue perhaps. But it is the most appropriate response that occurs to me at the moment. Jon Emmons

  14. @Jon Emmons
    Truly a shame that you are a teacher, because of your perversion of history Jon. Another problem needing attention in the U.S. the mindless indoctrination of our youth by educators who cannot think independently or who justify arguments by attributing almost anything which displeases them with some form of fascism from the past. Try reading the law.

  15. “For any lawful contact made by a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of this state or a law enforcement official or a law enforcement agency of a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state where reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person, except if the determination may hinder or obstruct an investigation……”

    “A person is presumed to not be an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States if the person provides to the law enforcement officer or agency any of the following:
    1. A valid Arizona driver license.
    2. A valid Arizona nonoperating identification license.
    3. A valid tribal enrollment card or other form of tribal identification.
    4. If the entity requires proof of legal presence in the United States before issuance, any valid United States federal, state or local government issued identification.”
    Note that I am not required to hold any of the above…. and to continue the debate please define “reasonable suspicion”. You have more faith than I in the rather vague authorities when these are vested in public safety officials.

  16. Not only do we need to send the national guard, we need to get involved and report illegal aliens wherever they are. Go to http://www.reportanillegalalien.com for more information.


  18. @Jon Emmons

    You are required to have your ID or drivers licence on you at all times. It even states that you need to have it at all times

    If your going to argue that point, then can I point out that the new health care bill signed states that they can as you for your health care papers at “any time” so you will have to start to carry those papers on you in the case you get asked for them. Is that racial? No. Is asking for your ID racial? No.

  19. @Jon Emmons

    You are sick and twisted if you fell that it is your right to teach children in such a way that you express your political views through them.
    Where do you teach at Jon? I would like to notify your school board that you are spreading political hate through the children and other staffing members of the school where you teach at.

  20. *feel not fell. Sorry I was heated at the moment.

  21. @patricia perez
    Any chance you’re capable of reading bill, you couldn’t make such comments if you had. Otherwise you’re an incompetent mouth, quoting all absurd comments you’re told.

  22. @Jon Emmons
    If you don’t carry any of the above forms of id, in most cities you will be arrested for vagrancy. Good luck but for god’s sake stay out of arizona. 90% of situations where law enforcement will be involved will vehicle violations so better know enough to carry drivers license, sorry if that is too complicated. I hope you don’t get to teach any of my grandchildren, can you retire, please.

  23. What took so long! It is common sense, not racism. People have come ILLEGALLY- against the law. Citizens are suffering the effects- overcrowded and underfunded schools, overcrowded hospitals, to many citizens without jobs, more gang members and dangerous criminals, difficulty with assimilation. To make them citizens means that MORE people come illegally and wait for the NEXT amnesty, which is sure to happen because it already has- several times! The majority of American citizens say STOP THE MADNESS!

  24. I personally feel that there are so many hispanic persons here in Az, who are condoning illegal relatives, friends, etc. That that is why they take afront to this bill. Most of them have no problem with the federal law, because the feds haven’t been enforcing it. Now we say we are going to enforce a law that mimics the federal law at the state level, adn it will be enforced. That is why they are in an uproar, not because of the law, but because it WILL be enforced.

  25. I, don’t have all the answers i, sure do know a mistake when i see it
    and Obama, Hillary, Napolitano are making one heck of a big mistake
    by not listening to all the governors Arizona, Texas California an New Mexico Obama have to concentrate in one only thing, tha’s enforce the
    borders and enforce the existing immigration laws,tha’s simple rule of
    law and i, don’t have any other answer to this apparently big problem
    unless Obama, Hillary, Napolitano are playing politics with SB1070.
    I, proud of Mr, Brewer for signing the bill that will teach Obama to pay more attention to whoever is helpping him to run this country.

  26. Tatanka Iyotake

    The only people pushing for this law are red-faced, screaming White people. Let’s be honest about that. Just like we need to be honest that the Tea Parties are also 99.9999% White people. This is an Apartheid law. And missing from this discussion is the context of how White people (Europeans) came to this land.
Since 1492, European-descent people have arrogantly invaded this continent, committing genocide, rape, slavery, land theft, and resource plundering. All the while, these European pirates/squatters screamed at Native Peoples that we were: 1) Unsaved pagan savages, 2) the wrong race, 3) without rights to our humanity, freedom, and collective land ownership.
I have yet to see one bonafide “Pilgrim Passport” from Native Americans. That’s because White people have violated the sovereignty of every single First Nation Government in this Western Hemisphere. European-descent people are The Ultimate Illegal Aliens. They are in no moral position to preach about “assimilation” and “legality” which they themselves have rejected for the last 500 years.

  27. Needless hysteria. No one can be stopped without “reasonable suspicion” existing that a law has been broken. This is no different from existing law, and anyone who can produce an AZ driver’s license will be exempt from any further question on the subject. Hasn’t anyone actually read the bill? It’s only seen as draconian because it puts some sorely-needed teeth in the federal laws we’re already got. Border Patrol just can’t do it alone… and why would we expect them to?

    I hope laws similar to Arizona’s will be enacted nationwide. If not, the flow of illegal migrants will simply wash elsewhere.

  28. karen :
    All this hysteria! If you are a legal citizen of any race have your documents on you. Ask what are the guidelines the police are being trained to enforce? Do this before you get your knickers in a twist. Read the bill. It’s on PDF. If you are not violating the laws of Arizona and the United States you have nothing to fear.

    That’s what Hitler said.

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