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Arpaio still planning illegal immigration sweep July 29 (access required)

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he is still planning a sweep July 29 despite Judge Susan Bolton’s decision to halt the most significant parts of S1070. Arpaio said he’s still going to enforce Arizona’s human smuggling laws and employer sanctions laws as he’s done the last three years. The only difference is how suspected illegal immigrants who ...


  1. The tax payers of AZ will pay the burden of the legal battles – while Pearce is even threating to sue the cites he was hired to represent….we need new blood in state government.

  2. I feel sad for Arpio and his people. They have to be very unhappy living beings (humanism has a different approach) to dedicate their lives to look for illegal immigrants. Only unhappiness and anger can really bring out the worst in a living being. What they are really doing is venting their anger at themselves towards others as they are usually to afraid to acknowledge and deal with their own problems and anger so therefor tend to view the world and people (immigrants)in a negative light.

  3. You go Joe. Keep it up even it that ill informed judge made the wrong choice.

  4. Yes, keep in up, Joe. That way, you’ll end in up in a federal prison!!!

  5. Hurray for Joe! Bolton is a Bill Clinton appointee, not an Arizona voters choice.

  6. Miriam, your attempt to portray the Arizona police as an extremist group is a tired tactic. The point you should be making and which Arizona is making is that the high migration rate is unnatural and as a result of a festering problem in Mexico which is where the focus of the criticism should be. The Mexican government should improve human rights and services at home instead of exporting the fall out for America to deal with. How does continually absorbing refugees of a system promote change? America got to be great by enforcing their own very just laws not by dropping them to allow human rights abusers to flourish.

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