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Martin caught in a case of political hypocrisy (access required)

The cloud of irony surrounding Dean Martin on June 8 was so thick that it must have been difficult for him to see how quickly his campaign was swirling down the drain.


  1. Hypocrisy? What about Brewer calling herself a Republican and her line item vetoes that INCREASED spending? Or her tax increases in the middle of a recession? What about Brewer claiming to be a conservative then allying with teachers, police, fire and construction unions to pass the tax increase? Or what about wringing her hands for almost a week before signing SB 1070 because she had no other choice? Or Brewer then jumping on the anti-illegal immigration bandwagon and making insincere commercials about reading the bill? What about Brewer claiming to be conservative then endorsing McCain and surrounding herself with liberals like Grant Woods and Mary Peters and a whole host of other RINOs?

    Mr. Bunk, you’re either benighted or on Jan’s payroll. You’re aptly named since that’s all you write.

  2. One politician’s hypocrisy doesn’t negate another’s. A deeper look at my blog shows I’ve been equally critical of the governor. And if you’re trying to insult me, you will have to be more creative than that – my last name is an easy target, even for novice marksmen, and I’ve heard them all.

  3. Why all the surprise? Hypocrisy is a synonym for Republican.

  4. I think people are forgetting one of the corner stones of Martin’s original arguement against clean elections: That the system would eventually force candidates to participate in the system if they wished to be viable. Fast forward a few years and he is living proof of his own prediction. I am willing to bet he is often thinking, “I told you so”.

    When will people start listening to Martin? He predicted our financial crisis and was crucified by Jan-Nappy (and even by many Republicans at the time) and called chicken little on the 5 o’clock news. Today, he is 100% right. No surprise. This is a smart, smart man… We should all shut up, quit arm-chair quarter-backing, and listen up.

    I am starting to see a very reliable trend: Dean talks, we balk, he’s proven right in the long run.

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