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O’Connor: Arizona must show it’s not biased

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor says Arizona must figure out how to show it appreciates, respects and admires the Hispanics who live there after passing a tough new immigration law.

The law will make entering the country illegally a state crime in Arizona and requires local police to enforce it. It has sparked demonstrations across the country, predominantly from Hispanics, who feel they will be targeted by racial profiling.

O’Connor tells ABC’s “Good Morning America” that Hispanics have lived in Arizona since long before it was a state, and Arizona must now show it is not “as a whole, a biased state.”

The former Arizona state senator and judge declined to say whether the law is constitutional, but says she is sure “sections of it will be challenged.”

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  1. Why Sandra?
    What about the other races?

  2. Baloney!
    Why prove we’re not biased? To who? Hispanic citizens have been respected and appreciated in Arizona and elsewhere for Many years – including some illegals. Who doesn’t sympathize with people who risk their lives to come here?
    So. Stop hyperventilating over the wrong problem and focus on a solution. Create an effective, efficient guest worker program. Enforce it and make employers assist and be accountable.
    Arizona is not the only problem. How about the Pacific coast and orientals: Canada? Florida and Cubans? We have a program for people to become legal citizens. Enlarge it.
    Come on Washington. Be leaders. Help these honest people be honest and legal – and at the same time – Protect our country from crime. Do not sit by and watch our nation react to the news media with anger and fear. It is destructive and divisive. We are after all – the ‘United’ States

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