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Capitol Times editor Matt Bunk discusses the recent immigration lawsuit ruling

Arizona Capitol Times Managing Editor Matt Bunk talks about the implications of the ruling Wednesday that blocked parts of Arizona’s new immigration law, and what Gov. Brewer will likely do to appeal the decision.

Click here or on the image below to watch a video of Bunk from ABC15’s Daybreak on Thursday.

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  1. Arizona should NOT spend any time or effort appealing Judge Bolton’s opinion on S1070 because that opinion has no more validity than one written by me. HER OPINION SHOULD SIMPLY BE IGNORED! Like the US Attorney General who forgot to read S1070 prior to his attack on that law in front a gathering of the buffoons masquerading as members of the fourth estate, Judge Bolton forgot something she should have learned in first year law school …
    The first sentence of the second paragraph of Section 2 of Article III of the United States Constitution states: “In all cases … in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.”
    … in other words the Attorney General WAS REQUIRED BY THE CONSTITUTION to make his legal attack on S1070 in front of the US Supreme Court, NOT to some political appointee of Bill Clinton’s or any other buffoons.
    I thought we were a nation based upon law. What happened

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