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Puente leader arrested again, group says

Salvador Reza, an outspoken activist and leader of Puente, was arrested June 30 by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for the second time in as many days, according to a representative of the pro-immigration group.

Reza and a group of 10 activists from Puente were observing the sheriff and his deputies at the corner of 35th Avenue and Lower Buckeye, while deputies continued their crime suppression operation.

According Puente representative, Opal Tometi, the activists decided to position themselves in front of the deputies, obstructing their movement around the sheriff’s command center, and were arrested.

Tometi said Reza did not join the group to obstruct the work of the deputies but was arrested anyway.

Sgt. Jesse Spurgin, Maricopa County Sheriff’s spokesman, said he was not immediately able to confirm the arrest of Reza, but he did say that a group of demonstrators were arrested after they tried to block the road into the Sheriff’s Office training center, where deputies have set up a command post for a crime sweep targeting illegal immigrants.

Spurgin did confirm Reza’s arrest on July 29. He was booked into jail on a count of obstructing a public thoroughfare. Twenty-two others were arrested with Reza after they blocked the entrance to the Fourth Avenue Jail’s sally port, according to Spurgin.


  1. Sal Reza wants to be the hero for the mexican people.

    He wants a big fat statue just like him erected in Arizona with a beer in
    his hand! Viva Sally!

  2. Looks like Salvador Reza will be eating Bologna sandwiches and wearing pink undies in Tent City. Those fines he’ll be paying will be put to good use by Sheriff Joe.

  3. damn proud of ya joe keeep up the good work

  4. Let’s hope Sheriff Joe has a nice warm tent and fresh pink underwear for him. I hear it’s wonderful in those tents in July. They don’t need heaters either!

  5. another reason I will never vacation in AZ

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