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No good can come from pointing fingers and passing blame

This country has not seen such division since the Civil War and Vietnam. Issues such as health care, unemployment, illegal immigration and countless others have brought heated conversations to water coolers all over the country. Politicians are pointing fingers and passing blame, not taking responsibility for the challenges at hand.

What good can ever come from this?

The other thing that’s disturbing is the growing loss of respect permeating this country — for our president, our congressional leaders, our law enforcement and each other. We see the results when elected officials shout out slurs from the floor of Congress.

But this is my country and yours and the country of our children and their children. So my question is, when are we going to get our act together to continue to be the superpower we’ve always been?

Whether you like it or not, other countries are sitting on the sidelines observing our bickering and our actions, which often fall short of how schoolchildren act on playgrounds. Yes, we’re going to have differences, but differences in ideas and public debates have been what made our country great. So, if we don’t like what is happening, then we usually do something about it every four years.

I want to send a message to our elected leaders that we, as Republicans, Democrats, and independents are going to stand together in a unity that leaves no room for wasting time. No longer do we want big business to come before what this country needs.

Our message of unity means we want our politicians to go back to work, creating jobs for the unemployed, improving to our infrastructures and allowing a chance for every American to achieve their full potential.

— Erik Berthelsen, Irving, Texas


  1. This author left out our biggest problem: the military. It’s our biggest welfare program and costs us a $1 trillion a year (which we borrow to pay). Return to the draft and cut the military budget in half over the next five years, close the 730 military bases around the world, and kick the military off of every school campus. The military decisions made since WWII have perverted our government and left us bankrupt. Considering we haven’t won a war since WWII, you’d think the country would wake up before it’s too late. We can only hope we do before someone uses their nuclear weapons on us or we finish our dash to bankruptcy.

  2. THis is what is really wrong with this….

    This should say

    No longer do we want big government to come before what this country needs.

    Please vote in November or if you have an early ballot vote now.
    Know your candidates and who you are voting for.
    There are huge campaigns telling lots of lies about candidates in he commercials you are seeing day and night.
    Millions are being spent to massacre good people such as David Schweikert.
    Do not be led astray from false accusations. Learn the truth and then vote.
    It does not matter what party you are, learn about the candidates and vote for the people that will get things done that you believe in.
    I am voting for David Schweikert. I know he is a good man. Do not believe the lies

  3. First off, one has to give respect to get respect. The man currently occupying the office of President of the United States is a smug, arrogant, vacuous diletante who will never help lead this country back to it’s former greatness. We will never recover as long as this man and his socialist cohorts are in power. Secondly, you cannot throw big business under the bus while at the same time “creating” new jobs. Like it or not, big business is the “backbone” of our Nations economy.

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