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Dever: I have a right to defend myself in court

When a person is sued, it’s a given that they should be able to hire legal representation. When you’re an elected sheriff and the ACLU sues you, that need is even more imperative. However, an Oct. 15 article by Arizona Capitol Times reporter Jeremy Duda might give readers the impression that I don’t have that right.

I am working with to make certain my office and the interests of law enforcement are represented in the legal battle over SB1070. As part of that legal battle, the ACLU decided to file lawsuits against every sheriff in Arizona.

Duda’s article quotes sources as saying that additional voices in favor of SB1070 aren’t needed. That’s odd considering that the ACLU, 11 Latin American nations, the federal government and countless pro-illegal immigration groups have filed litigation against SB1070. How come the open borders crowd is entitled to so many voices in court opposing SB1070, while those of us who feel otherwise should just sit on the sidelines?

Leaving aside the fact that the ACLU is suing me, don’t I have the right to weigh in on the SB1070 legal debate from a law enforcement perspective, especially since I am doing it without taxpayer dollars?

One final point; there are dozens of groups that filed lawsuits against SB1070. To my knowledge none of them have been the focus of a report by the Arizona Capitol Times or any other media because of their anti-1070 efforts.

Those of us who stand for a secure border have come to expect intense media scrutiny. Those who support illegal immigrants seem to get a pass. Has anyone questioned their motives or fundraising efforts? Has anyone asked why they are suing Arizona even though the federal government has taken up the issue? I’m waiting for the media to asks these “professional protestors” the same tough questions they ask us at

— Larry Dever is sheriff of Cochise County and an honorary co-chairman of

One comment

  1. Thank you Sheriff Dever for taking a stand against the Liberal left-open border lobbies.
    “Those of us who stand for a secure border,” and therefore public safety,
    welcome your stance on illegal immigration.
    Without laws being enforced, as they should be, the citizens of this state
    have been left with no options other than instituting something like
    I think that many on the side of the “open border lobby”, simply
    refuse to acknowledge, or simply deny, the fact that most citizens
    of AZ and many law enforcement personnel in AZ are behind public
    Many folks here in AZ do not want to see the deaths associated
    with illegal immigration.
    Also, most citizens do not want to see the crime that has become
    so pervasive in Mexico, come into AZ.
    You have every right to defend your stance, in court, on illegal
    You also have the obligation to do so.

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