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GOP foregoes truth in favor of political gain

Great. The party that turned us into the largest debtor nation in the world via 20 years of status-quo deficit spending and adamantly preached the deregulation that nearly led to our complete economic collapse has regained some political power and is going to help us achieve financial responsibility.

It will be interesting to see if they will have the integrity to explain that if they had won the last presidential election, they too would have been compelled to staunch the economic bleeding with a stimulus package not much different than the one Obama’s team put together. Will any of them point out that Sen. John McCain’s economic adviser during his campaign, Mark Zandi, along with many of our country’s best economists, all agree that the stimulus package was necessary and that things would be far worse without it?

Or, for political reasons will they leave Obama holding the bag on this one as they continue to propagandize that they somehow, without explaining how, would have dealt with this crisis differently?

My bet is that they will choose the latter course, since it corresponds with their efforts to make Obama look foolish for doing what had to be done to keep our economy from tanking because of their mismanagement.

God forbid they should be grateful when there is political advantage to reap by downplaying the truth.

— David Higgins, Scottsdale


  1. “It is the politician’s task to pass legislation, not to sit around saying principled things.” President Lyndon B. Johnson.

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana, 1905.

  2. David Higgins seems to be another angry white man complaining about his situation, while offering no solutions to fix the problems.

    We can move forward if we help small business get started and flourish.

    Just like raising a child, you have to provide them a stable safe learning environment, and measure there success.

    And provide competitive events to let them excel based on their peer groups behavior.

    It brings out the best and brightest in business and consumer providers.

    This is a solution, not a ***** session.

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