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New lawmaker profile: Rep. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix

Rep. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix (Cronkite News Service photo)

Rep. Kimberly Yee, R-Phoenix (Cronkite News Service photo)

Name: Kimberly Yee

Chamber: House of Representatives

Party: Republican

Profession: A series of state government jobs, including director of communications and government affairs for former Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin and deputy cabinet secretary for former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hometown: Phoenix (Northwest)

Legislative District: No. 10, which stretches from Glendale to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

Committee Assignments: Education (vice chair); Health and Human Services; and Employment and Regulatory Affairs.

Previous or Current Elected Offices: Precinct committee member for District 10 Republican Committee, chair of the District 10 Republicans, Arizona delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Highlights of Community Involvement: Arizona Girl Scouts-Cactus Pine Council, Pepperdine University Alumni Association.

Why She Ran: “I ran for office because … I really felt strongly that we needed someone we could trust and someone that [knows] the process … and I just felt that I had the skill set to bring to the table.”

Her Focus: “There are so many people I’ve spoken with … who are dealing with the job shortage that we have. Their call during the campaign was, ‘Please bring more jobs to Arizona.’”

A Bill: HB 2415 would, among other provisions, require schools to implement stronger policies to protect students who are victims of bullying.
Reporting by Ashley Slaney, Cronkite News Service

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  1. Thank you for HB2415.
    Pls consider including bullying of students by teachers and administrators.
    Students are not the only perps.

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