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New lawmaker profile: Rep. Steve Urie, R-Gilbert

Rep. Steve Urie, R-Gilbert (Cronkite News Service photo)

Rep. Steve Urie, R-Gilbert (Cronkite News Service photo)

Name: Steve Urie??

Chamber: House of Representatives

Party: Republican

Profession: Business owner

Hometown: Gilbert

Legislative District: No. 22, which covers much of Gilbert.

Committee Assignments: Agriculture and Water; Government.

Previous or Current Elected Offices: Gilbert Town Council, member; Gilbert Redevelopment Commission, member.

Highlights of Community Involvement: National Association for Residential Property Managers, founder.

Why He Ran: “I was asked to run… With 11 years on the Gilbert Town Council I am very familiar with the issues… The difference with legislative and municipal is that with legislative you can actually take action.”

His Focus: “Obviously the budget, obviously improving efficiencies and getting jobs back online. And there are ways to do it… It’s a can-do attitude.”

A Bill: HB 2293 would require both spouses to sign for a credit card in order for it to be considered community property. If only one spouse signs for a credit card, any debt incurred would be the responsibility of the signing spouse.

Reporting by Alyson Zepeda, Cronkite News Service

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  1. Mr. Urie, I have been reading about the owner of a home that is rented and has to pay the utilities. I have a home in Buckeye, Sundance and in the situation that they will not put the water and sewer in the name of the tenant, only the owner, if the tenant does not pay in order for the owner to re-rent, He must A; pay all back bills, in my case it was over $300.00. plus a deposit. If tenant does not pay in any given month, they do not take action…three times the tenant did not pay a penny on there bill…they still recieved service..why not they will get it from the owner. I can fax you the letter I mailed to Buckeye. O.K. Ralph Julianelle

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