water, Colorado River, Gilbert, Arizona Water Banking Authority
Sep 15, 2023

State considers using effluent water credits

The Arizona Water Banking Authority is exploring the possibility of buying purified wastewater to distribute later – which would be unprecedented. 

Rio Verde, Scottsdale City Council, Kolodin, Kavanagh, Mayes, groundwater
Jun 9, 2023

Kolodin’s ‘Trojan Horse’ targets Scottsdale water   

While addressing Rio Verde Foothills (RVF) residents on Jan. 28, Rep. Alexander Kolodin, R-Scottsdale, vowed “to break the rock,” referring to a hostile takeover of Scottsdale Water. HB2561 is just that, a frontal attack on the residents of Scottsdale who have invested in the best water technology, expert personnel, and water portfolio in the country.  

water cutbacks, Arizona
May 25, 2023

Arizona gets hit hardest in Colorado River plan

More than half of the 3 million acre-feet in water cuts announced as part of a multi-state conservation deal will come from Arizona, state officials said on May 25.

Idaho, Gilbert, Daybell
Apr 11, 2023

Detective details investigation in trial of slain kids’ mom

An Idaho detective says an investigation that resulted in a triple murder charge against Lori Vallow Daybell all started with a request from Gilbert police, who wanted help finding a Jeep.

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Mar 27, 2023

Hobbs plans to veto legislation to block cities, towns from taxing groceries

Gov. Katie Hobbs is going to veto legislation to block cities and towns from taxing groceries.

lithium battery, electric vehicles, Li-Cycle, Department of Energy, Casa Grande, Gilbert
Mar 1, 2023

DOE grants $375M loan for lithium battery recycling plant

The effort to satisfy a vast demand for lithium for electric vehicle batteries moved one step forward with a $375 million loan from the Department of Energy to Li-Cycle, a battery recycling company, to build a lithium-ion battery recovery plant near Rochester, N.Y., after plans for another such facility in Arizona were announced recently.

budget, House, Harris, Hobbs, Democrats, Republicans
Feb 13, 2023

House Republicans unify, pass budget proposal to Hobbs 

Days after a House Republican explained why she voted against the GOP budget proposal, she flipped her vote to give the budget enough votes to pass the House and send it to Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs. 

electric vehicles, ADOT, EV chargers, Arizona, sustainability, interstates, I-10, I-8, I-40, U.S. Department of Transportation
Feb 10, 2023

Want to bring more jobs to Arizona? Invest in EV manufacturing

It’s clear from 2022 that electric vehicles are here to stay. EVs experienced tremendous sales growth last year and automakers are committing to electrify more vehicle models than ever before. For Arizona, this means that electric vehicles can bring even more jobs to the state, more economic investment, and establish a true EV manufacturing hub.

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Jan 27, 2023

Lawmakers back Rio Verde in water dispute 

State legislators are prepared to intervene in a conflict between Scottsdale and Rio Verde over dwindling water supply that Scottsdale says it is not required to share with the community.  

Hobbs, Legislature, Toma, Petersen, budget, bills, legislation, education, vouchers, ESA, State of the State
Jan 24, 2023

As session shifts into gear, bipartisan overtures turn to politicking

In the past few weeks, Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs and top Republican lawmakers have engaged in some public mudslinging. 

corporate income tax, bill, House Ways and Means, Appropriations, corporations, revenue, Schwiebert, Cano, Grantham
Jan 11, 2023

House corporate income tax cut bill passes initial committee hearings

The first bill to be heard by Arizona House of Representatives members, which is projected to reduce the state’s revenue by about $1.8 billion from corporate income tax breaks over four years, passed two committee meetings on Wednesday. 

veto, legislature, lawmakers, Senate, House, Hobbs, Petersen, Toma, bills, legislation, session
Jan 9, 2023

Republican lawmakers plan to send bills to Hobbs they know she’ll veto

The 2023 legislative session gets started today with perhaps the worst-kept political secret: Republican lawmakers are going to send bills to Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs even knowing ahead of time she will veto them.