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Capitol Quotes: March 11, 2011

“You can tape up an ankle or have surgery on a shoulder but as far as the brain goes it’s the only one you get.” — Steven Threet, former ASU quarterback who gave up his career after suffering long-lasting effects of four concussions, in testimony to the House Education Committee in support of SB1521, a proposal requiring school districts to educate coaches and players on head injuries and pull from games players who are suspected of having a concussion.

“I don’t know anything.” — Rep. Jack Harper – unsolicited – while waiting outside the Senate Republican caucus meeting where Majority Leader Bundgaard salvaged his Senate leadership position by making his case about what happened between him and Aubrey Ballard on Feb. 25.

“I liked the tax portions of the jobs bill but didn’t care for the jobs portion of that bill.” — Sen. Andy Biggs, on his opposition to tax credits.

“You know what? If that was my daughter and we still operated under the old school rules, something would’ve already happened. …You used to have the dad and brother program that used to address these situations.” — Sen. Ron Gould, on Bundgaard’s altercation with his ex-girlfriend.

“I don’t want to sound Clintonesque, but it depends on what you mean by distraction. Is it distracting me personally from getting the work done that I’m trying to get done? The answer would be no. Is it distracting the body from getting the work done it’s supposed to be doing? I don’t think so. Is it distracting some people because they feel like…they’re wasting time talking to the press and answering questions about Sen. Bundgaard? Some people might feel that way.” — Sen. Andy Biggs, when asked whether the Bundgaard situation had become a distraction.

‘The city of Tucson kind of ruined it for everybody.’ — Sen. Frank Antenori, on opposition to his bill that would create a tax-increment financing-style system for cities, which he said is due to problems with Tucson’s Rio Nuevo project.

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