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Bundgaard is out

Sen. Scott Bundgaard speaks with the press on Tuesday, minutes after being voted out of his position of majority leader. Bundgaard said he is happy to have more time to himself. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Sen. Scott Bundgaard speaks with the press on Tuesday, minutes after being voted out of his position of majority leader. (Photo by Evan Wyloge/Arizona Capitol Times)

Embattled Sen. Scott Bundgaard was removed from his position as Senate majority leader during a closed-door meeting with colleagues on Tuesday morning.

The Republican caucus, however, hasn’t yet selected a new leader.

They will have to find a replacement soon, especially since Bundgaard’s removal came at a crucial time when the Senate is preparing to roll out its budget plan.

Bundgaard said he asked his colleagues to take a vote on whether to keep him in leadership. They voted not to, he said.

“I offered myself up to the caucus. I serve at their pleasure. It’s their right to find someone that can work hard for them right now,” he said. “I’m distracted by the situation, you know, my personal situation.”

Bundgaard said he will work on clearing his name.

The decision to remove Bundgaard followed several weeks of political drama resulting from a Feb. 25 domestic violence incident he was involved in with his former girlfriend.

The girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, was arrested and charged in the incident, but the senator was released at the scene after the police determined his status as a legislator prevented them from arresting him.

A week ago, Republicans discussed Bundgaard’s situation for nearly 90 minutes in a private meeting before deciding to push off a decision on his future as majority leader until today.


  1. It’s about time! Good Lord, we really do NOT need this type of leadership! Maybe he should move to Iraq or Afganistan…he’d fit right in.

  2. Doesn’t make much difference since his replacement will just be another wingnut.

  3. The public expects elected officials to uphold the laws of this state. Domestic violence against women is a serious offense and should not be treated lightly.

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