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Pearce echoes racism allegations about Cortes suit

Pearce today responded to the lawsuit to remove Cortes from the ballot. “Somebody needs to call Gloria Alred. A Hispanic woman doesn’t have a right to run? Does Jerry Lewis think this race is only for white, male Mormons? Pretty shameful, in my opinion,” he told our reporter.

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  1. What’s shameful is the reporter not asking Pearce about his relatives who circulated her petition while he says he knows nothing about it. What’s truly shameful is that Pearce is willing to use a hapless Hispanic woman to obfuscate and further his own cause. He’s a pig with pants on fire.

  2. In light of the OVRWHELMING body of evidence built up in the collective investigative reports, plus the testimony in the courtroom, that Cortes campaign is the exclusive domain of Pearce’s family and supporters, designed to split votes, why would any credible publication approach the story with a presumption of credibility on Cortes’ part? Seriously. Everyone in town who is the least bit informed on this knows what is going on here. The real story is the darkly cynical accusation of racism by Pearce to Lewis, when Pearce is insulting latinos by launching a sham candidate and using the Mexican flag and saying “Si! Se Puede!” to them. He thinks very little of their intelligence, and doubles down with this accusation.

  3. eLatinaVoices, an online community of prominent Latinas in Arizona, has not endorsed Cortes because she is not the most qualified candidate. This has nothing to do with race. Since when does Pearce protect the interests of the Latino community? I guess only when he feels it serves him. He has and will continue to attack the Latino community any chance he gets. This time, he is using Ms. Cortes for his own political purposes to take focus away from who he really is. He does not support children, education or diverse communities. He is engaged in a Fiesta scandal and unfortunately and sadly so is Ms. Olivia Cortes. Two peas in a pod? Neither one reflects the interest of Latinos.

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