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Senate skips voting on contraception bill

The Senate today skipped voting on legislation to allow employers with a religious objection to deny contraception coverage to their workers, which indicates that proponents have yet to persuade enough lawmakers to back the controversial proposal.

The bill was pulled from the calendar a minute before senators were scheduled to vote on it.

The measure could still be brought back for a second vote at any point.

Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, a key ally of the pro-life movement, said supporters will try for a second vote tomorrow.

“It’s just a lot of questions on making sure that the language is going to do what the intention is,” Barto said, referring to the amendment supporters are preparing.

Today’s cancellation reflects the difficulties of convincing lawmakers to approve the bill with the promise that it would be substantially narrowed down shortly after.

Supporters need two senators two change their minds and vote “yes” in order for the measure to pass.

The bill’s backers had revived the measure after its defeat last month. They promised to tweak it so it would only apply to church-affiliated entities.

The plan is to make the change in a conference committee, where a select group of legislators will meet to approve a final language.

Critics have argued that the original proposal intrudes on women’s privacy, and favors the religious persuasions of employers without regard for women’s health.

Supporters countered that it is needed to protect the religious beliefs of business owners.

Earlier, assurances that women won’t be forced to disclose private medical information to their bosses failed to persuade the Senate to advance the proposal, leading supporters to promise to scale back their original intention of allowing any employer to not cover, over a religious objection, contraception in their workers’ health plan.


  1. Women won their rights this day. Do Arizona legislators believe in the Constitutional rights of all Americans or is the Constitution not the basis for making decisions as a legislator anymore! Legislators by considering passage of such a controversial and restrictive law, are stating that women are not free to make their own choices so you took it upon yourselves to pass laws to dictate to them what they should believe or do! This law is unenforceable. What are the consequences? Whom do these laws protect? Do they take away freedoms guaranteed to everyone else? Women can decide, just like men, which employer is aligned with their beliefs, values and which ones care about their health and the health of their families. They do not need legislators to do that for them. You are not doing religion a favor either. The Fed has already made provisions for religious institutions! Leave it alone, you do not need to take it any further. The “legislative wars” especially those against women….must stop!

  2. Concerned Citizen

    The legislators’ War on Women must stop! What happened to conservatives wanting government out of our lives? What happened to freedom and liberty in Arizona? Taking the state back to the ’30’s is shameful.

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