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Montgomery, Romley on opposite sides again

The Save Our Vote committee has enlisted Bill Montgomery to help promote the defeat of the top-two primary initiative, but he won’t be the only person in the fight over the measure with “Maricopa County Attorney” listed on his résumé. Former Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, whom Montgomery defeated in 2010 to fill out the remainder of Andrew Thomas’ term, signed on last week as a co-chair of the Open Government Committee.

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  1. Concerned Citizen

    MCAO Bill Montgomery should focus on the Thomas / Aubuchon / Alexander “abuse of power” cases of the “ordinary” people under their reign of terror since 2005. Why aren’t these being investigated for wrongful convictions of the innocent, the over-charged and over-sentenced? Thomas bragged about his over 200,000 felony cases. Now these are clogging the courts — appeals cases backlogged approaching 2 years — unprecedented death penalty cases — raises serious questions about why these are being ignored. “Moving on” to obscure this damage that will burden Arizona’s taxpayers and society for decades. Montgomery should be leading the way but appears to be turning his back on righting the wrongs in the MCAO cases.

  2. Simply put, it only makes sense to get Rick Romley back in office. Have you
    noticed that when he was our county attorney, none of this bull, scandals or abuse of power existed? Since he left office, it’s been about as much fun as a
    lipsticked husband with a missing wedding band. Nothing is getting done and everyone is pointing fingers. It’s like a \mini Washington D.C.\ Rick was better than penicillin and I think a lot of us didn’t realize how good we had it at the time, but rather took him for granted. He’s a straight shooter, never played favorites, no bull type of guy and honest as the day is long. Now it seems were in more trouble than a dry dip stick. I say we put a fire under Rick’s butt,
    get him back in office so we can all, once again, get back to some common sense.

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