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Carmona campaign uses Twitter spat with GOP for fundraising

Former Surgeon General and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona (AP Photo/Harry Cabluck, file)

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Rich Carmona’s campaign manager tweaked an Arizona Republican Party contract worker in a Twitter exchange and is now using his response in a fundraising appeal.

Alexis Tameron’s emailed fundraising appeal Thursday said she was verbally attacked by Shane Wikfors with “degrading rhetoric” based on her Hispanic heritage.

Wikfors was responding to a tweet by Tameron on Wednesday when he asked her in his own tweet when she last had to show papers and suggested it was when Carmona hired her.

Tameron’s tweet was the first to go personal, noting that Wikfors put a “showusyourpapers” notation on a tweet related to Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

Tameron’s tweet asked Wikfors whether he was “still trying to try make up for your last trip off the island.”

That was a reference to June comments by Wikfors that Republicans should re-evaluate their hardline approach on immigration issues. Those comments, made after President Barack Obama announced immigration policy changes benefiting young illegal immigrants already living in the United States, raised eyebrows across the political spectrum and drew some criticism from fellow Republicans.

The “showusyourpapers” hashtag carries some political weight in Arizona because of the so-called “show me your papers” provision in the state’s illegal immigration law.

Wikfors and state party spokesman Tim Sifert separately declined comment on Wikfors’ Twitter exchange with Tameron or the resulting fundraising appeal by Carmona’s campaign.

Sifert, recently hired as the state party’s communications director, said Wikfors’ work as an independent contractor for the party formerly included acting as spokesman. Sifert said he now does that work.

Carmona campaign spokesman Andy Barr responded to a request for comment from Tameron. He said she fairly characterized Wikfors’ reply to her question as an attack.

“He was the first to use the ‘show me your papers’ line. Nothing forced him to make the following comment,” Barr said.

Barr also said it was fair that Tameron’s fundraising appeal said Wikfors commented “in response to a question about immigration.” Tameron was referencing the larger issue of the young immigrants, Barr said.

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