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Myths of gun control always miss the target

Myths of gun control always miss the targetThe recent slaughter at the grade school in Connecticut is an unimaginable tragedy that could never have been predicted. What can be predicted with pinpoint accuracy will be the national call to disarm honest, law-abiding citizens as a strategy to somehow prevent this from happening again. The hue and cry to collect and ban defensive weapons will propel politicians and those who worship the flawless power of government to trot out all the discounted myths of gun control that always miss the target.

What most opponents of the right to bear arms won’t tell you is that the very likelihood of guns being present deters a vast majority of crimes — ne’er a shot has to be fired. That’s because cowards who open fire on innocent 6-year olds are encouraged by knowing that there is nothing on campus to stop them. Signs posted on the perimeter announcing “No Firearms Zone” virtually guarantee an unrestricted free- for-all to anyone evil enough to engage. But denying all citizens the right to protect themselves will in no way hinder the criminal-minded from carrying out their nefarious designs.

The greatest testament to the safety of a heavily-armed environment is the fact that no one has ever tried to storm a gun show. If they did, they know they would look like Swiss cheese in a nanosecond.

– P.J. O’Malley


  1. Protecting innocent children and other victims should be the focus of public policies. Whether it includes the restrictions placed on the type of assault weapons necessary to protect your home/family, health assessment and services to the mentally ill, school security, gun control and management, reporting incidents or higher sentences for violators. All of this debate matters to the safety of children and no one should be defensive or protecting their own profits or interests first.

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